finding a job that pays what you are worth

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Jackie White Wade in Gadsden, Alabama

68 months ago

Right now I'm unemployed, but when I was working it was hard to get a second to even use the restroom. We worked for 8.50 an hr., & to do what I did it was worth 20$ an hr. I know yrs. ago when I cleaned houses it would take me 8 hrs., & one of my clients would want to just pay $45 for those 8 hrs. You know I'm worth alot more than that. You ever noticed how women that work outside the home never want to pay babysitters' what they are worth. I did that also for yrs. in my home. Women leave their homes, children, etc., & then want to pay chicken feed & gripe about that. Gas & groceries skyrocket, but look how long it took to get minimum wages up. It's pitiful!

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