bogus employment offers

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80 months ago

watch out for sites like " snag a job ", "jobs online" and others. They are shills for on-line "education " suppliers.. If you try to apply, all you get is directed to whichever " university " they are pimping for. It's hard enough to find a good job without these vultures cicling around


80 months ago

I almost forgot the wport offender " Career Builder" If they actually tried to help you find a job, putting up with their crap wouldn't too bad. At least you might have a chance to get work.

Drewnl in Albany, Georgia

77 months ago

Amazing to hear as I've just been hired and applied through Careerbuilder!

R.C. in Boston, Massachusetts

76 months ago

I fell for a Job opening on career Builder. As soon as you click apply for job.... within 24 hours you get a call from Devry... I told them no thanks... i graduated College 23 years ago... What a joke...

Thomas Zilinski in Guilford, Connecticut

76 months ago

I actually found snagajob to be quite helpfull.

whatever in West Palm Beach, Florida

64 months ago

That statement is very helpful. What did snagajob do for you. Did you find a job or did you have to sign up for college?

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