Support job versus Development job, what is better?

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jims8507 in Granbury, Texas

57 months ago

I have thirty five years of experience in software engineering. This is my opinion of support versus development in software engineering. Hope this information helps you.
1. Education - Most companies want their development software engineers to have at least a BS degree. With good experience, a person may be able to advance into a development engineer position, without a formal education, but his/her career advancement will be limited.
2. A development engineer will work sitting at a desk for 8 or more hours a day. Eventually, this can be detrimental to your health.
3. The development engineer will be more affected by the stress of project scheduling.
4. A support engineer is more likely to be up and around and even traveling to a remote site to do his work.
5. A support engineer will be working away from home and family more.
6. A development engineer will make more money.
7. A support engineer will mostly be working to solve the development engineers problem.
8. Both development and support positions can be very rewarding. Education should be the deciding factor.

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Ravi Jaiswal in Bangalore, India

43 months ago

I am in support but i wanted to be in the development ............
so what do you think
which one is better ?
support or development ?

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Nanodevwiz in Edmonton, Alberta

42 months ago

Development = Top of the food chain
Support = Much lower on the food chain

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santosh in Mumbai, India

32 months ago

I am a B.E. Graduate from elctronics and now i am working in client location as a support engineer, i am very much fascinated about develpoment related work and i am very much confused about which job pays more , development or support in networking job. Because to my knowledge each and every network or support engineer gets their pavement or money through second or third hand. So can anbody tell me which one is better in future point of view.

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amit in Suri, India

27 months ago

I am working as a support guy. But it looks more stressful and low paying jobs..going to change to development profile. How shall I move further without loosing my earned exp of 2 yrs..

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