Serious question for job seekers

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ak757 in San Francisco, California

75 months ago

I have a question if you are looking for a job. Before I go further, let me disclose that I am a recruiter but I don't want to spam this board so I will not give out my contact info or company name. Please be honest in your answer but please do not be abusive. I am just a small, one-man shop but I believe that I am a very careful/honest recruiter who really takes care of both my candidates and my clients.

Say you are unemployed for a while and you have just been losing money because you are not getting a salary and all the expenses are coming out of your savings. Would you be interested in a service which says something like, "I am very good at what I do; try me for a month at half my normal salary. I am confident that you will love my work. If you love me, hire me permanent. And if you don't, send me back to the street"? This service might be attractive to you because you have nothing to lose by an employer trying you out for a month at half price. And it would give you a huge advantage over other applicants. Basically this is contract-to-hire, except at a temporary discount. Discounts work in other industries so they might work here.

Let me clarify that in order to keep things simple, this service will only focus on permanent employees who are authorized to work in the USA -- because for the trial period, you will be my employee and I don't have the resources to handle H1B's/green cards and stuff.

Would you be interested? If not, tell me why not? What am I missing? I have spoken to some hiring managers and they like the idea -- basically saying that something like this will put you in the front of the interview list.

I hope you won't mind a bit of self-promo at the end: if you are interested feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you.

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baumad in Winston Salem, North Carolina

75 months ago

I just read your post, and I have actually thought of doing something similar. I have been out of work for almost 6 months after finishing a degree. I have spent 6 years in the tech industry, and although I was out of the field for 2 years, I know that if someone just gives me a chance, I know they won't regret it. Part of the issue, is that I am currently located in NC, although I have lived in SF previously, I can't seem to get them really take a look at me.
My only concern, is that some companies may take advantage of this offer. I think that there would need to be some sort of established relationship with the company or some sort of secondary agreement.

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