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c707961 in Calexico, California

75 months ago

Hello, I'm currently in the military and I'm getting out soon, but to get down to the specific question that i have. I currently love computers as i have always have but I'm curious I would like to get a degree as a computer software engineer and i was curious if their are any tips that anyone who might have any tips for me on this topic. Also i really enjoy programming in general if there are any specific degrees that might be a better choice that anyone can offer advise about i would greatly appraicate it (sorry for the grammer mistakes) and thank you again for the comments/help on this topic

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Commander Keen in Vancouver, British Columbia

73 months ago

Hi c707961,

If you love programming computers than you want to get nothing less than a Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science. It's expensive and will take a lot of time (4 to 5) years.

You will have to me EXCELLENT at math as those skills will be put to the test and THEN some. You'll have to take a ton of calculus, linear albebra and numerical analysis.

Your English skills too should be excellent. Communication is of the utmost importance in Software Engineering.

It's a very SERIOUS decision. Lots of people jump into this path not knowing where it will take them. So make sure you're fully aware of all the details. You'll be sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a day (probably).

The pay is great though... the job outlook is in the top ten jobs in the world. If you research the top 10 best jobs in the world you'll see Software Engineering in there. Many jobs allow for flexible hours (I make my own hours as long as I put in 7 hours a day). Salary and benefits are EXCELLENT. Depending on where you live you can be making 80,000K a year 2-6 years into your career (skill dependant of course).

All of my friends are very jealous of my job. It's one of the ONLY Degrees that will have you working the moment you're done.

TL;DR Get your B.Sc. major Computer Science. If you enjoy programming for hours a day, the rewards for your efforts will be HIGH!

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