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Lisa C. in Los Angeles, California

100 months ago

I'm coordinating a party @ a hotel in Los Angeles. This place is HIDIOUS! The rooms that we're using have flourecent lighting w/o dimmers. If anyone has had to decorate a room like this, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Tierra in Cleveland, Ohio

99 months ago

What is the budget of the event that you are coordinating for? Perhaps you may want to investigate renting some lighting. Lighting definetely affects the mood of the event, is it possible to cover the lighting with some flame resistant fabric to bring it down some and then play it up with lighted trees or candlelight?

Serge in Johannesburg, South Africa

46 months ago

lots of draping and up-lighting with par can lights, switch off the fluorescent lights all together. create a mood.

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