Job options in this field seem extremely limited...have a degree but it seems useless, HELP!

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D in Western W in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

62 months ago

MoreShorePl, don't be so hard on yourself. One of our greatest strengths is knowing our limitations. You are right to want assistance/guidance on the job site until you are more confident. You're also right to be concerned that you might not get the supervision you need in a CF, but it also sounds like you need to pursue the CF to boost your confidence and hone your skills. (I was working nearly unsupervised in a 400 hour school social work internship during my undergrad. Thankfully I did well and didn't cause any harm or mess up any student's programming.)

I suggest you contact the school you graduated from to access its advising/career services which are usually available to alumni, especially those who have not secured employment within X amount of time of graduation.

Best of luck to you!

(I'm trying to decide between pursuing an SLP which will require 30 crs of Comm Dis before I can even apply to the 54 cr program OR an academic advising grad certificate leading to a masters degree.)

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thatb in New York, New York

61 months ago

seriously... just get the cf over it. Just think after it's over with you can find work where you want. You will start to make money and you won't be broke. Think about it, the reason you chose to do this masters was to help people. You have to "pay your dues" to get where you want. You can't let fear of swallowing therapy or severely autisic kids scare you. YOU WILL GET OVER IT. What if you have children some day and they are born with disabilites, are you gonna be scared of your child? or are you gonna get some backbone and do what you have to do??

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susiev63 in Wethersfield, Connecticut

59 months ago

Take a deep breath! I would bet everyone is nervous, if not petrified, when finishing grad school and having to start their CFY. Although I did mine some 25 years ago, I can't imagine things have changed that much. First, decide if you want to work with adults, children, or a combination. My CFY was at an Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center. I had 2 or 3 other SLP's around and an audiologist to ask questions. I saw outpatients, went to nursing homes, hospitals, did home care and other contracts, so I got a variety of experiences. If you choose carefully, no one will throw you to the wolves without making sure you are fairly confident and competent. Just beware of rehab companies in nursing homes that put you in a building alone and give you a supervisor that works in another building. You'll never get any supervision in this case. You can work with kids that are not as compromised as autistic children, but believe me, it's a matter of experience and confidence and it doesn't take long to get both. As to your worry about accidentally killing someone, you won't. They are going to be fed either way, you might just save their lives. If you don't start, you won't get experience and the fear will never go. You'll never love it all, but you'll get those patients that you just fall in love with, or they have the best families in the world, and you actually see them getting better, with your help. I used to do home care and we would go out to the barn to see the cows to get him to talk, or another man and I would walk around his beautiful property, talking. Wives would cook things for me. It was great! In the nursing homes, if I get someone a blanket when they're cold,, or some ice cream and they're so happy because no one else had time to do it. Or you see them using the strategies you taught them to communicate with the staff and it's working and they are getting what they want, you're so happy for them. Don't give up after all that hard work! Good luck!

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lionness in Jacksonville, Florida

58 months ago

I can't seem to catch the beginning of the post so I apologize if I do not speak fully to your needs/current situation. If the CF experience is overwhelming, consider pursuing it part-time. ASHA gives 3 years to complete your CF but do research the specific laws in your state.

Job options can be limited as you will find something you dislike about each clinical setting. If you are still in school, I will highly recommend pursuing an additional certificate in something else as a back up plan (ESOL, healthcare administrator, human resources, Medical Coding [after ICD 10 is released], Copywriting etc) in case it turns out that being a full-time ST is not the best option for you.

If you need an inexpensive guide for the CFY year, consider this e-book:

Good luck.

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