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GeorgeannJ in Meriden, Connecticut

42 months ago

I am 27 years old and have a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art (first mistake). After years of working minimum wage office jobs to support myself, changes in life situations have given me a the opportunity to take a few years and go back to school full-time. I am planning on eventually relocating to Northwest CT (fairly rural) and am trying to be smart about what type of program I might choose. While I want to do something I enjoy, I am over "following my dreams" and am more concerned about finding something that won't leave me struggling financially for the rest of my life. I am trying to find the right balance of A) something that doesn't require a ton of schooling, B) something that falls in in a solid or growing job market (especially in more rural areas) and C) something I don't hate.

I did well in high school and college in most academic areas. The office jobs I've had have involved a lot of billing and technical work with numbers, computers and money which I have enjoyed very much and in which I've done very well. I am extremely organized and detail-oriented and I don't mind desk work at all (I actually prefer it). I've adapted pretty well to most work situations I've been in (including non-office jobs) but the few things I don't really like are corporate or huge work environments and working with elementary aged kids (though I don't think I'd dislike working with older kids/teenagers). I am somewhat of an introvert and generally prefer to work independently or in small groups.

I was playing with the idea of becoming a certified Medical Coder (I think I would really enjoy this) but I am not seeing ANY jobs posted in the NW CT area for this type of thing and I'd prefer to work somewhere smaller scale than a city hospital. I've always thought I would enjoy being a High School Guidance Counselor but in reading through some threads on here it sounds like it is a real struggle to find a job.

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GeorgeannJ in Meriden, Connecticut

42 months ago

(Does anyone have experience looking for Counselor work in the rural NE?). I really think I would like this too and found a Graduate program in School Counseling that would work for me time-wise and money-wise but I'm nervous about spending time and energy trying to get into another field that might be a dead end.

I am wondering now if I should maybe just try to find an Associate's degree program at a Community College that will prepare me more for some type of payroll/billing/accounting/bookkeeping position (I don't know Quickbooks, Peachtree, etc and have been unable to apply for a number of positions because of it). Would this be a smart move academically? Doing this would, I think, be up my alley but would not prepare me for a specific occupation which makes me a little nervous.

I'm also starting to think about getting a Masters in Speech Language Pathology or even going back to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. I don't think I'd dislike SPL but I'm honestly not sure about the PTA.

Does anyone have any thoughts on any of these fields/programs or any suggestions on other fields before I make a second dumb move? Or any experience with the job market in NW CT or Southern MA? I already wasted 5 years on Art and don't want to put myself further into debt for something that won't pay off. Will learning Quickbooks make a difference in a job search??

Any thoughts are so much appreciated!!

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hell0 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan

41 months ago

[QI Highly
computer programmers and systems analysts;
telemarketers; bookkeeping, accounting, and
auditing clerks
59 8.2
II Offshorable computer software engineers; accountants;
machine operators, team assemblers and
production worker helpers; bill and account
151 20.7

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