Flat Rate - Variable?

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No Auto Tech in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

55 months ago


A good technician? I would rather say a good ass kisser. You kiss the right ass, you get your gravy. People, the skill is not important any long in this trade.

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Bobber in Canandaigua, New York

49 months ago

Josh in Mckeesport, Pennsylvania said: I work at a Ford Dealership making 12 /h flat rate, I'm new to the field and I'm having a really difficult time making enough to pay my bills, there just is not enough work to go around and my boss keeps hiring people, as well as our $100 an hour labor rate making every customer under the sun go elsewhere for service. This field is going down hill it seems more every day :( I just got the job in February and I'm looking for somewhere else already.. its getting to be very stressful.

Ford has some of the poorest flat rate times. Go to another brand except chrysler and don't look back. Cars are harder to work on yet warranty flat rate keeps getting shorter for all manufacturers. Not fair to techs. This is criminal and I wish there was a lawyer that would take interest in this problem. You are not alone. we are all in the same situation.

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skidooguy777 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

47 months ago

Wrenches in Salt Lake City, Utah said: I am new to the industry and recently got a job at a national chain as a technician. The pay is flat rate, except the amount you are paid changes depending on your "productivity". So if you are not like 85% productive, meaning if you don't flag 85% of the hours you are clocked in, you don't actually make your stated flat rate. Is this common, or do most shops pay flat rate regardless of how "productive" you are? My problem is that there simply isn't enough work coming through the door to be "productive" enough. Thanks.

First of all Wrenches your flat rate should be fixed regardless of performance, simply because if you do not work you do not get paid on flat rate;go ahead and find a fixed flat rate at a shop with good volume.This is the key to flat rate and you don't have to be dishonest to be successful or an ass kisser(you will see them brown nosing fools though)1.If you work at a dealership there is customer pay and warranty.Customer pay is always more money,these will be either higher mileage 60k + or wear out items TIRES,BATTERIES,BRAKES upsell the tires and an alignment.Test all batteries on a car over 35k you will be shocked how many you'll sell.Brakes pay good,check that cabin air filter every oil change easy .3.Don't be afraid to upsell and if your service adviser sucks at selling talk to the customer your self.Now warranty work pays less if you are not careful it will ruin your check,always run time,document every thing you do,check for TSB's make it a habit,and always run time.Side note here stay off the freaken tool truck you need something and i mean NEED it have him bring to you.basic tools get you by with shop tools,if you borrow it twice buy one.Keep your head up you can do it and make money some are jaded or floor mats been walked all over like a fool.Hell i make 21 an hour now started at 20 and turn 70-80 bi weekly.Don't be afraid to screw up just be prepared to fix it when you do.

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joewrench138 in Denver, Colorado

20 months ago

A ton of great points here. I guess I'll weigh in too. I have been in the industry for 30 years and I hate what it has become. I've worked both independents and many moons ago, dealers. I have been paid hourly, percentage and, flat rate. Any way you slice it, the tech gets screwed. The better you get, the harder you work. I find that now shops want to hire sub standard techs to "knock it out" and then the the master tech gets to clean up the mess under the guise of being a "team player". I love difficult problems but, I also love getting paid for that. Something I can't stand is the fact that as a professional I have to be certified to work on A/C but, any idiot can walk into AutoZone and get a cheese whiz can of 134a. I am not a big fan of government intrusion or regulation but, there should be some standard. Here in Colorado we have emissions testing and nothing else. When I lived in Kansas City there was a joke of a saftey inspection. So here in Denver we have tons of cars blowing clean tailpipe numbers with paper thin pads and 1/4 inch play in the lower ball joints. In Missouri people run around hitting on 6 out of 8 and a marginally safe vehicle. In Colorado, the state does the emissions test and the customer can take it anywhere for repairs. In Missouri shops did the inspection, which took about half an hour andpaid 0.2. When you tell someone they need pads, rotors, lowers and a tie rod end to pass they run to their buddy or some stooge on craigslist to get it fixed. I think that a person should have to be certified to buy at least saftey related parts. I am sure most of the posters here have seen some amazingly inept repairs done by DIYers and the shade tree crowd. If ASE is such a badge of professionalism. Make it mean something. If carbon emissions is such a big deal. Make a national standard. It would make roads safer, air cleaner and drive up car count while weeding out serious hacks.

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GM tech NC in Apex, North Carolina

18 months ago

Troy in Lincoln, Nebraska said: OMG!!!!!!!!! I have been teching for 25 years, started commission at about year 4...never looked back!!! I have seen techs with their shortcuts, struggles and come-backs! There is a very simple cure...I have to make X amount of dollars to pay my bills. You must have the will to WORK!!! You all need to grow 2 things...work ethics and quality of work!!! Grow the frick up....work in a productive manner...make damn good money!!!!!

I have owned my own shop for 7 years, had 22 employees and still struggle to find help with good work ethics!!!!!!!!!! Problem with people these days, they think they should put in 3 hours work and get paid for 8!!!!!!!! I spend about 25 hours a week in the shop wrenching and bill out between 30 to 35 hours a week. But I am different than the 22 employees I have had, I come to work to WORK!!! Why don't all of you try that and see what kind of money can be made!!!!!!!!! Bunch of wanna be Techs that are nothing but crybabies!!!!!!!!!

GM is paying 14.2 hours to put 8 new pistons in a 4x4 truck, I would like to see you do that every day and make 40 hours a week.

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