Travelers Auto Claims Adjuster Assessment

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Thomas in Livonia, Michigan

58 months ago

I have my auto claims assessment test for Travelers coming up soon and hoping if anyone could give me some insite on what I should expect?

Allstate Rep in Palatine, Illinois

58 months ago

You will have a series of interviews to get to the final position. The assessment will consist of several questions dealing w/ thinking logically and the ability to read and comprehend info as well as answer questions about the material. If you have claims experience it will definitely help you through this process. Basic common sense will be your best bet when answering and make sure not to linger too long but still be thorough.
Once you complete the assessment you should be notified within a day or two (at least I was) and then you will usually have 2 more face to face interviews before getting an offer or rejection.

Hope this helps.

Thomas in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

56 months ago

Is there a math assessment portion of the test? If so, what is it consist of. Thanks in advangce

Kara in Casselberry, Florida

56 months ago

Thomas in Cherry Hill, New Jersey said: Is there a math assessment portion of the test? If so, what is it consist of. Thanks in advangce

There are about 8, 10? maybe more, easy questions- and I mean easy- like use your calculator (you're given one) to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Then, they get more involved and go something like this: there is a table at the top that shows cost of parts to replace, and the time it took to repair each part, with the given labor rate. For example- labor rate is 119.00/hour. Part A cost 130.00 and it took 1.5 hours to repair, what is the total cost to repair part A? Next questions do the same for Parts B and C, with the labor times changing-like Part B taking 1.75 hours and Part C taking 3 hours. I suck at math and got through 15, 17 questions at best and so that left more than half undone. I think there were maybe 35 questions, but no more than that, and you get 35-45 minutes. I know they don't expect you to get through all of them; I just filled in any answers for those i didn't know before she came around and took answer sheets. Not sure what the rest of the math test consisted of. I want to say, fractions, decimals, and %'s. The entire test is multiple choice. The only part done on the computer is the typing test, and they give a practice sheet to try as many times as you want before moving on to the actual test. When you're done with that, the monitor will look at the score on your screen and tell you if you've passed, and if not, then you don't move on. If you do, then you take the multiple choice tests broken down into timed sections and get the pass or fail at the end of the entire thing. Advice for taking this 3&1/2 test- because it's timed, be sure to skip the questions you're spending too much time on. You'll understand what I mean, maybe more than 2-3 minutes and consider coming back to it. Those that you don't answer- guess an answer (A-E) rather than leave it blank. I passed the test.

Thomas in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

56 months ago

Kara, thanks for the quick reply. However, what were the other portion of the assesement like? My test is scheduled for next week and I would appreciate if you can shine some light this way. It would really help me to prepare. Thanks again...


Lindsey in New York, New York

55 months ago

Do you need any kind of education to take this exam with travelers?

cmnorm68 in Hampshire, Illinois

55 months ago

I am also scheduled to take the GL assessment exam. The only portion I am worried about is the math portion. Is there anywhere you can look up practice questions??

just took the test in Pasadena, California

51 months ago

don't worry, if you know simple algebra, you can do it, if you don't know algebra, review it or learn it. You're going to be tested on reading comprehension too. Also prepare to read simple data.

Tre in Indianapolis, Indiana

39 months ago

I am taking the liability test. I think it's called the Lopez test. Can anyone tell me if they took it, what's on it and how much math and what kind? Also what should I brush up on that will be on test? I really need this position at Travelers. Please help.

bell in Taunton, Massachusetts

6 months ago

I took the Travelers Assessment Test last week and completed and passed all sections except for section 2. Unfortunately, I don't remember what section 2 consisted of. I asked for advice form the woman who contacted me, but she could not tell me anything. Anyone know/remember this section? What should I study/do to pass this section? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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