Freelance offsite Mastercam cnc programming - Need some information please

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matt_st in Orlando, Florida

29 months ago

Throwing some feeler's out there. I am considering doing some offsite freelance programming and am curious if there is any work to be had out there. I have a seat of Mastercam X6 that I can use.

I have been programming with Mastercam for 11 years and specialize in only 3 axis parts using Haas and Fadal VMC's. Part sizes range from smaller than a fingernail up to around 200-300 pounds.

Setups range from a couple tools per side with a few ops/setups up to 25 tools per side and 9 ops/setups.

Materials are mostly aluminum, but have experience with 303 ss, 304 ss, 17-4 ph ss, titanium, various plastics, x-weld (stainless and aluminum blast welded together and aluminum and titanium blast welded together).

Dynamic milling is used quite a lot along with other cutting strategies to make parts quickly with minimal deburring. Most deburring is done in the machine.

Some roughing feed rates have been up to 288 ipm with a few cutters that we have. I have achieved material removal rates (MRR) up to 65 cubic ipm ( I think - have to consult excel spreadsheet).

Normal procedure is: a print or model is given to me and the rest is up to me to figure out. I come up with the operation order, tooling required, fixtures, softjaws, set the job up (or hand it to someone else), machine/tweak it ( unless I gave it to someone else ), and hand inspection a completed part ready for plating.

So, anything out there? Questions, comments, etc?

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Chris in Marble Falls, Texas

22 months ago

I am interested in using a freelance programer for cnc mill and possibly lathe. Please send contact information.

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Alex in Australia

17 months ago

Hi Matt.
I also interesting in your service. Please contact me.

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