Remington College Dental Hygiene?

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liz0007 in Lebanon, Tennessee

68 months ago

Before I ramble on and on, is Remington College a good college for dental hygiene to learn how to become a dental hygienist? Like, would a dentist hire me if I graduated from there?

I have the option of going to UTHSC in Memphis or Remington College in Nashville. So far, it is the only and the first Remington College to offer the program. I checked it out and liked it. As far as accreditation, the faculty showed proof. I asked about financial aid and according to the faculty it would be $41,000 by the time I graduate. This covered my supplies, testing fees, books for whole program. According to them, the only thing it did not pay for was the shoes on my feet and my pencil and paper.

I looked at UTHSC, and the total is $33,333 for the whole program. This does not include books, testing examinations, parking fee, and the fact that I would have to purchase an apartment and move there. $500 per month for 2 years is about 46,000 together for those 2 years.

I have been in school for 3 years so I feel guilty for getting an associates even though it's the same people. I have a mentality in my head and I would love for someone to prove to me I have nothing to worry about. The UTHSC program is bachelors and Remington is associates.

What do you guys think I should do? Also, has anyone heard from the program and had people say if they like it? The first class has graduated yet so I'm not sure how it is.

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HayelyBrooke8 in Dickson, Tennessee

51 months ago

I am in the same situations as you.
I am also looking at remington and TSU. ETSU has an online B.S. course for Dental Hygiene, and they take Remington as the pre cursor to their program. It is a go as slow/fast as you want to online program.
I loved Remington when i went and looked their. I have 2 friends in the program and they absolutly rave about it. But the money is a big chunk of my concern. Also, I have talked to some dentist about if they would hire someone from remington: they said they have not heard much about it and will look into it. I think in 2 years time, it will produce enough hygienist to make its name know. It such a hard decision, I am there with you.
Hope this has all helped

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Beth Seda in Franklin, Tennessee

42 months ago

Just an fyi....There are currently 51 registered dental hygienists on the list in the Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, TN area looking for jobs, as of April 2013. The multitude of dental hygiene schools in the area have flooded the market. There are NO jobs here. I have many years' experience and have been looking in this area for a year, with no luck. Dentists are letting hygienists go because their own practices are not as productive. They are being forced to do prophys themselves. Also, the dentists do not want to pay benefits (health insurance, 401 K, vacation days, etc.), so they are no longer hiring full-time hygienists. They are getting by with hiring them for 1, 2 or 3 days per week. You have to try and piece togeher a full work week. It's become a pitiful professsion.

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Beth Seda in Franklin, Tennessee

42 months ago

HayelyBrooke8, I saw your post about Remington making its name known in 2 years. It's only part of the problem. There are 2 classes of hygienists being graduated from 8 schools in TN. That is a few hundred every year and is doing nothing to promote dental hygiene, nor Remington. Unfortunately, the students aren't aware of this before they begin the program, unless they do their homework ahead of time. It's great if they are planning to practice outside the area, but if they think they're going to graduate and immediately go into a great dental practice, forget about it.

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