International Dentist wants to attend in Dental hygienist school

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V in Chicago,IL in Chicago, Illinois

26 months ago

Hi everyone.I have a dentist's degree for Europe and I was wondering if someone has an experience or has an information what do I need,how long it's going to take and how much is going to cost if I want to enter in Dental Hygienist school since I already have some credits.I know what it's needed for Dentist's entry(realy long way) but not sure about dental hygienist.Thank you.

italia in Moreno Valley, California

26 months ago

Im the same way. But i dont want to spend time or money. That why im moving to florida. is the only state that acept dentist from another country to became hygienist over there. you only need to pass some test. The first one is the national board of gygiene.

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