what is the best training for becoming a engineer"? what certifications do i need

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Gary Skeet in Englewood, Colorado

95 months ago

OR do not need to get tell me

jeff fletcher

94 months ago

Finding engineering job in St. Louis

EE in Seattle in Seattle, Washington

93 months ago

There is no "engineer" certification in the correct sense of the word. Certificates qualify individuals as technicians, as virtually no work performed by certified individuals constitutes that of an engineer. Technicians operate, configure, and troubleshoot equipment and devices that have been created by engineers. That standard alone eliminates 99% of the work performed by IT/network administrators from the engineering category.

If you want to be an engineer, get a 4-year degree.

Ella in Elkton, Virginia

70 months ago

umm as far as certifications go, I believe some types of engineering require you to take a test that is pass/fail. But a 4-year degree would definitely help. I'm going through graduate school as well for the top-money job.

Kurt in Carlsbad, California

53 months ago

I completely agree with EE in Seattle. This is a tough concept for many that don't have their degree or aren't pursuing one, however this is the way it is.

I am in a different situation with my BSME, as I am needing to reenter the engineering workforce after many years away from the field. Was a stay at home father doing doing different things while my very well paid wife conducted business around the World. We are divorcing and I need to reenter the working world. I have some time to do this, but was wondering what the best practices are for making myself marketable again, especially in today's climate. Actually, I most of my experience was as a manufacturing engineer. I am not sure what engineering capacity I want to return in, and a hoping for some guidance.

Thanks for all your constructive comments. They all will help.


Been There in Fairfield, California

30 months ago

I believe an important certification to obtain as an Engineer is the EIT (or Engineer In Training Certification). This certification opens up ones path to becoming a P.E. (Professional Engineer) after 4 years.
As stated before, the prerequisite for this test is graduation from an ABET-accredited engineering program or related science curriculum; however, some states allow for the substitution of several years of engineering experience in place of the engineering degree.

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