Esthetician job outlook improving?

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GloriaJ1 in San Jose, California

26 months ago

I am 25 years old and just lost my wage minimum job. I was thinking of going to esthetician school. I do not have any savings so I would need to get a loan (my step dad said he would co-sign for it if I could prove I could earn enough to pay him back). I know some persons who are doing it and I think I might enjoy it.

I read in this forum that esthetician jobs are hard to find but most comments are 1-2 years old. Have things gotten better or should I look into something else instead?

What does it take to be an esthetician in todays economy? I have heard you can make 50K to 100K a year but I also heard that the job market is oversaturated and that finding work is difficult and that by the time I was certified things would be worse.

If I moved out of state a few years from now because you never know what life will lead you to, what would I have to do to get a license and how much would it cost, on average.

skinwellness in Santa Cruz, California

26 months ago

Hi, Gloria!

You're definitely in a good area for esthetician jobs. I live in Santa Cruz and worked in Saratoga the 1st 12 years of my esthetician career. There are a lot of spas that will hire you directly out of school.

I would definitely recommend going to a community college like San Jose City College. The tuition is MUCH lower, less than $1000 - and you may qualify for a grant to cover it. Much less of a risk that way. It's also supposed to be a pretty good program.

As for how successful you could be/how difficult it would be to find a job in a year or so - I believe that's really up to you.
My success as an esthetician didn't come until I really found my niche; this is also where I found my confidence and passion. I find that a lot of people go into skin care sort of lost, and just give cookie cutter facials, and soon burn out because of an inability to become successful in this capacity.

Knowing who you are and what you stand for is incredibly important; as it is to be a successful person in general.
If you have the ability to help people feel great about themselves/special, as well as nurtured and taken care of, you'll find that'll take you far, regardless of the level of your skin care expertise.

I'd wait at least 3 years or so to move out of state, as most states will allow you to apply for a license without having to take their test, due to the number of years of your experience.

Not sure if that answers all of your questions, it's late and my brain is tired. If you have any questions I didn't answer, feel free to ask.

Good luck to you...

GloriaJ1 in San Jose, California

26 months ago

I thought I had to go to a beauty school that teach estheticians. I has heard they do the best job for certifying estheticians.

What do you mean by making people feel great about themselves/special, as well as nurtured and taken care of? I am sort of quiet and not particulary chatty. How much scmoozing is required? If your not out-going and an aggreesive saleswoman can you hope to get past the minimum wage jobs?

What kind of pay can I hope to get the first few years? What about in 5 years? Ten years? I know that the answers depend on your personality, but maybe a ball park figure for the average esthetician?

skinwellness in Santa Cruz, California

26 months ago

You do. San Jose City College has an Esthetician program.

I'm very introverted as well. That's another reason I love this job so much, one-to-one
contact in a quiet environment is perfect. I definitely wouldn't recommend schmoozing
or being aggressive, definitely a turn-off to people. You want to come from a place of
service, not sales. If you can always be thinking of what would best serve the client,
you'll never feel like you're selling, and they'll feel taken care of and feel the integrity
of where you're coming from. Always be genuine and from your heart.

I really can't tell you what kind of pay to expect, there are so many different situations out there.
And also a lot of it depends on how good you are at selling yourself, how much you believe in what
you're doing and selling/your passion.
The range is so vast, a lot of estheticians never get past needing a 2nd job because their heart
really isn't fully in it, or they approach the selling themselves/their services and products as a sales
job rather than providing a much needed value and service to their clients. Attitude really is
everything, no matter what you do.
I haven't worked at a whole lot of spas so I really can't tell you what everyone pays (I work for
myself now). The 3 places I've worked pay product and sales commission. That ranged from 25-50%
commission on services and 10-30% commission on products, depending on the spa. There were
also increases in those percentages if you sold more/met a certain number every month.
These are based on facials that ranged from $85-$200. And products that ranged from $25-$150.
So depending on how busy and how well you sell (really how much you believe in the products), that
will determine your income.
There are also some spas that pay hourly (I've heard anywhere from $10-$30/hr) plus tips as well.

skinwellness in Santa Cruz, California

26 months ago

It occurred to me, Gloria, that you might benefit from this program. With all the money you'd save
going to SJ City College as opposed to a private beauty school, I'd recommend putting it towards
tools like this one. This one came highly recommended and includes many of the tools I've learned on
my own over the years; but I'm still thinking of taking their class, because I'm sure there's more
to learn.
It's called Thrive Academy, google that along with the names Sharla and Jesse. They developed a
program called Heart-Selling, which is really something everyone needs to learn, in my opinion.
I wish I'd known about this years ago. This is what will make you successful esthetician.
Best of luck to you:)

Liset in Phoenix, Arizona

25 months ago

Hi, I am thinking of going into a Esthetician course. I would to know if its a good career right now? Especially in AZ. Also is it worth it? Is it better to go into the spa or medical esthetician? Is it easy to get a job after graduating? What are some good Schools here in AZ? Mesa az? Or should I just go into the Laser course? What is better right now?
Also the school I am looking into is called Studio Academy of Beauty! Is that a good school?

What is the pay after finishing school? Is it better to work in a spa or medical office???
Please let me know what you think...

Any advise appreciated :)


Liset in Laveen, Arizona

25 months ago

Are you an Esthetician? What would you recommend in as far as what to look or find an a school for becoming an Esthy????

Diana in Fairfield, California

25 months ago

I've been interested for a long time to become an esthetician. I think I finally want to take that step & make it my career! Although I am afraid because I can't imagine myself working in a spa with catty women. Would I be able to make a stable living off the income?

Stylist-To-Be in Charleston, South Carolina

22 months ago

Diana in Fairfield, California said: I've been interested for a long time to become an esthetician . I think I finally want to take that step & make it my career! Although I am afraid because I can't imagine myself working in a spa with catty women. Would I be able to make a stable living off the income?

Diana, I was going to go to cosmetology school and stumbled upon the esthetician profession. I have spent many months researching this. All indications point to this as a growing field - BLS reports have put it as high as 38% growth according to what I've read. I have been a nervous wreck over this because I make a lot of money now, but am unhappy in my present career.

After a lot of research I found our local community college has a top notch esthetics training program which I was lucky enough to get a spot in. They only take 12 students in the day program. Anyway, to the point of income and making a living...there are jobs at places like Massage Envy and the ever growing European Wax Centers which don't pay all that great at first. Anytime you start something new expect the pay not to be at the top of the scale. However, with time, effort and extreme focus on clientele building it seems achievable to earn $40K - $65K a year. I have not seen examples above that range in my exhaustive research. One piece of advice I received from an experienced esthetician is to get your feet wet on someone else's dime (i.e. work for an established place of business that offers esthetician services). THEN, in time, break off on your own with a profitable, small, low-overhead studio. That is my plan. It is scary because this is not a career with a typical corporate type track (unless you go to work for a large cosmetic or skin care corporation) so most estys are in the salon, studio or spa environments (oh, and Drs. offices if that interests you). Good luck!!

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