dyncorp in Afghanistan

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Ahill in Mobile, Alabama

51 months ago

redsoxguy3800@yahoo.com in Hammond, Louisiana said: Are their any firefighters working for Dyncorp in Afghanistan,wanted to know the conditions there.

Hey are you on the waitlist as well w/ Dyncorp for firefighting

firefighter/nurse in Sellersburg, Indiana

46 months ago

I've applied to ITT, KBR, Dyncorp, Sallyport Global, and Raytheon but nothing yet....only one who called was Raytheon, but they're only hiring for antarctica and only pay the same amount of money per week that I make now....800.00 so not doing that... if anyone knows of any other companies that hire for oeverseas, please let me know. I have the following certs:

IFSAC FF I/II, IFSAC Hazmat Ops/Awareness, ARFF, EMT, LPN, ACLS, NIMS ICS 100 & 200, and very soon D/O Pumper & Aerial

firefighter/nurse in Sellersburg, Indiana

44 months ago

Well if I could somehow maintain deferment on my student loans while I was there I mgiht consider it. But to make enough money for it to be worthwhile for me, I would have to spend like 4 years there, compared to just 1 in the middle east. I'm not cocky, but I do have IFSAC FF I/II, IFSAC Hazmat ops/awareness, ARFF, D/O pumper/aerial, NIMS ICS 100/200, am a licensed nurse with ACLS, PHTLS, emt numbers and in a month will also have TCCC and AMLS. So I know I'm qualified for either medical or fire service. Plus I already have my passport book, held a secret clearance before and haven't been into any trouble so know can get that back. I would prefer the middle east to make enough in 2 years to have all my loans paid off and have enough to finish my ARNP and graduate debt free, but if I can somehow maintain deferment on my loans, that would be the only way I'd go to antarctica.

Flownominal in New Orleans, Louisiana

41 months ago

Raytheon just gave a firefighter raise. It now like a grand a month and with your certs ,you can go for Lt. which pays even more.

I do not know anything about the student loan part.


35 months ago

Hi, is there anyone who can explain me the HR Payroll profile in DynCorp as I'm getting a opportunity to work with DynCorp as HR Payroll and what package exacyly they are offering for this post...

please reply as soon as possible as I need to take decision should I go for this or not.

thanks in advance for your valuable feedbacks....

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