Getting a firefighter job.

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How did you get your start doing firefighter work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position?

Do you need a particular educational background?

Steve in Costa Mesa, California

94 months ago

Well You need to know people for one and know what you are doing like start as a volunteer and get Firefighter one and two down. Start rescue runs and get EMT-Basic and EMT-C or Paramedic then thay will look at you. Any extra training will help also, their are a lot of free stuff going on. Keep up with the newspaper for openings when one comes up, you and 70 other people be hopping to get the job. Easy? But it is the best job in the world you know.

max in Tustin, California

74 months ago

i am currently enrolled in santa ana fire academy. i joined my local volenteer fire department in june lake when i was 18 to gain more experience and i have a job lined up for a seasonal position with the forest serivice. i also plan to go to hasmat school and usar training soon. is there any other suggestions you have for me or any other courses that will help me to be better qualified for the job.

Brittany in Warminster, Pennsylvania

73 months ago

I joined my Volunteer company back in late September on 2008. I'm 16, and currently have completed my HazMat Awareness, NIMS, and I will have completely completed my FF1 next week, minus my structural burn, which I will have to test when I am 18. I would say, that the best things you could do, are get what is most essential, and aim for extras in your spare time. I've already got three more classes lined up for myself for as soon as I have completed FF1.

ysgggg in San Jose, California

50 months ago

is it different in california?

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