unemployed.........like everyone else here

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mary in Tampa, Florida

46 months ago

Yes, go back to school and make yourself marketable - like everyone else. Pool Guy, shut up. Right now, school is not a solution.

Jdavis481960@aol.com in Sanford, North Carolina

23 months ago

There are some companies that will still hire you with a criminal record. Just be sure you are honest about it on your application and then be prepared to discuss it with a potential employer. This is definitely a hindrance, but it doesn't necessarily mean you won't find something. I would try first and just tell them about your background. You sound as if you are hard-working and willing at this point to take any position you could get, I believe Walmart is a company that will sill consider you for employment despite having a criminal record. You didn't say exactly what your criminal record consisted of, and I am not asking, but a potential employer will and exactly what the record consists of will be one determining factor in many places hiring you, but if it is something minor, has been many years ago, or something that would not affect your working for some companies, there are some that will give you that chance. I would just continue looking everywhere and eventually someone may be willing to give you a chance despite the problem with your record. I certainly would not give up, and everyone can make mistakes, keep trying and pray that God will direct you somewhere that will take that chance and hire you.

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