Interview a Professional for High School Project

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A.R in Fremont, California

62 months ago

I'm currently doing a high school project called the I-Search Project.
It requires all Sophomore students to research careers that they have interests in and also requires you to interview people that have knowledge in the subject. I have chosen Graphic Design as my topic and was wondering if anyone would take some of their to answer a few questions?

Thank you for your consideration.

kaber in Moab, Utah

62 months ago

Sure, you can e-mail me at

I've worked over four years for a direct mail marketing magazine called Clipper as a Photoshop Specialist and currently am working for a small newspaper as senior graphic artist as well as freelancing as a digital illustrator.

designer bee in Waukesha, Wisconsin

62 months ago

Have you considered posting the questions on a design forum such at HOW? You'll get plenty of answers there. HOW is a graphic design magazine, but there is a forum on the website.

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