Is there a way to get an honest assessment of what healthcare areas have a true shortage?

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Late changer in East Peoria, Illinois

45 months ago

I've been searching for jobs and have been told that many professions have shortages of qualified workers. But on coming here it seems many areas have been oversold by too many schools pumping out too many graduates. This in turn saturates the job market. I have no faith in the accuracy of the BLS from the government. I'd just like to know what areas have true shortages; unbiased information, not from schools selling programs or from the clueless government.

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Average in Medford, Massachusetts

41 months ago

Business leaders will never advertise for workers if there's a shortage so it's impossible to know who needs what and in what quantity.

It's in the best interest of business leaders to have a slight oversupply of workers in many occupations IN ORDER TO KEEP WAGES DOWN or DRIVE WAGES DOWN.

I don't think education was ever about helping the low status person move up, it was about businesses and organization paying less for skilled labor.

However, in some areas, there are shortages of personnel. The shortages exist because the work is usually very demanding or barriers of entry are high.

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