Currently tele-sales ... working from home ... better options out there?

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Wiley in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

53 months ago

Hi folks,

I'm currently an agent with a large insurance carrier selling life insurance, tele-sales over the phone. Obviously, this arrangement means that my marketing, office, supplies, etc are all paid for.

However, I've got some issues with the hours and with the folks I work for, and am wondering what better options are out there. I like the company I work for, so I've been thinking of going independent with them.

Are there similar tele-sales jobs out there for reputable, A+ companies? Or am I better going independent, busting my ass for a while, and getting to a point where I can make my own hours and live the lifestyle I want?

What do you guys think? Happy to answer any more specific questions.

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Phyllis in Downers Grove, Illinois

51 months ago

Hi Wiley,

I've been managing life insurance sales centers for 15-years. Agents who sell well in a sales center can do very well outside if they can get quality leads. If not, it's really hard and you have to be patient and willing to spend money to market yourself or buy leads.

I do have former sales center reps working for me as independent agents now and doing well financially. They sell life insurance with most of the A rated companies. Let me know if you want guidance or have any questions.

Good luck!

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Wiley in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

51 months ago

Hi Phyllis,

My only concern is moving to an arrangement where I'm selling for multiple companies. I've dealt primarily in life insurance with one company only, and my question in transition to selling in the field is really if I should stay with the company I've been with or try to stake it out on my own.

Also, I've been tele-commuting for the three years I've lived in my area and haven't gotten to know too many people. Is there an effective, but relatively cheap, way to prospect and get initial leads so I can build a book of business?


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