Federal positions and Federal Payscales as apply to Intelligence Analysts

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Bob in Kansas City, Kansas

87 months ago

If you are hired into a position that is a GS 7-12, with successful performance you are promoted automatically every year starting the next pay period. (you can never make less with a promotion so it goes up plus approx $2000 USD) The promotion goes 7, 9, 11, then 12. You are eligible to compete for GS13 after 2-3 years depending on position.
So as a GS 7 new hire:
A GS 7 step 1 makes: $32534 a step 10 makes $42290
A GS 9 step 1 makes 39795
A GS 11 step 1 makes $48148
A GS 12 step 1 makes $57709
This does not include locality pay or overseas housing allowance

Not Bob in Arlington, Virginia

59 months ago

Locality pay will bump the numbers up a lot from what Bob posted. GS 12 in Washington gets almost $80k.

intel guy

59 months ago

a GS 12 step 1 makes about 74K and a GS 12 step 10 makes about 97K.

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