Suggestions required for Interior designer career!!

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Renuka Singhal in Longmont, Colorado

63 months ago


I have done degree in Interior designing and Masters in Design Management from India. I have also worked as an Assistant designer for 3yrs in India. I recently moved with my husband in US on dependent visa. My husband is on H1B (working visa).

I am trying to explore the opportunities to start my career in US. I don't have working visa so i can not start working here but i am ready to do some part-time/online work. If i don't get any work then i would like to get student visa to do interior designing related course provided i get the financial aid and i can apply for working visa after the course.

I am located in Colorado. I have already spoken to number of colleges in CO state but they said you have already done 70% of most of the courses they provide. hence
it would not be very useful to do those courses.

I am aware of Interior desgining assosciation and council: NCIQ, AIDA, ASID etc. but i am not sure of they can be of any help in such kind of scenario.

Is there any better way to start a career as an Interior designer in US for well qualified people? I would appreciate if you could please help me.

Thanks for your time and help.


jlwht in Tulsa, Oklahoma

63 months ago

Hi Renuka,
You probably need a crash-course in the interior design business from the US perspective, and the best place to get that experience is probably in the design department of a Furniture Dealership or Retailer (either commercial or 'home' furnishings, depending on your experience and desires). If income is not your most pressing need, I would start "humbly" and offer to do intern type filing, organizing of interiors sample room, or sales assistance. You will learn so much in 6 months by just listening and paying attention. If you do well, you'll move up quickly...and you will make valuable contacts (who may lead to a job).

It varies by state, but this is what Colorado's rules are:
"The Colorado Architects' Practice Act recognizes Interior Design as a distinct profession and sets out the requirements necessary to call oneself an Interior Designer. Interior Designers are not licensed but are subject to education and experience requirements under the State Board of Examiners of Architects. (12-4-112(6), C.R.S.)" for more information, go to:

Basically, many states have certain criteria in order for a person call themselves and "Interior Designer" be careful there. There is typically NO restriction, though, to call oneself an 'interior decorator'. You do not need a degree or license to work for a designer or under an architect, just don't call yourself a designer. After a few months working in the field in sort of an "intern" type position, you'll have a better idea of how to proceed.

Hope that's not too confusing, and good luck!

J White

Anu in Bangalore, India

37 months ago

Hi ,
My name Anu.I have finished my Interior Design(1yr diploma course) in Banglore. I tried for a job but everywhere they wr\ere asking experience. As i m married rht now i cannot work for 9 to 8 job so i am Planing to do by my own but wanted guidence how to start ,how to build contacts in this field and what more preparations i have to do to start work by my own .
plz help me with this

shweta in Lowell, Massachusetts

23 months ago

Hi Anu. I did interior design in us.presently I stay in us. even I planning to start my own wen I come back to banglore in December if u r interested msg me back .

Dechamma in Chennai, India

3 months ago

shweta in Lowell, Massachusetts said: Hi Anu. I did interior design in us.presently I stay in us. even I planning to start my own wen I come back to banglore in December if u r interested msg me back .

Hi shweta
I'm planning to do my masters in interior design in the usa. Please suggest me with few colleges and how easy it difficult it is to get a job as a designer there.
Thank you

Mamta Tare in Huntington, New York

1 month ago

I am Mamta, I am interior designer working in same profession since last 8 years in India. Here in New Jersey I am on L2 dependent visa. I came here in 2013 since that time I am searching for a suitable job in my profession but I couldn't find out. I want to do work from home job bcz I have to take care of my little one. I am very well in Autocad drafting. Kindly let me know if any opportunity is there for me, I am ready to work as an intern.
Thanks in advance.

Mamta Tare.

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