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What do you enjoy most about janitor work? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and advance?

What keeps you at your job?

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sam in Littleton, Colorado

79 months ago

In my current position I have no real contact with my Boss. All our conversations usually take place through email or the phone. I see him now and then but it's a rarity that we actually talk. I love the fact that I am on my own and I don't have to answer to anyone. I'm a very independent worker and as long as I know what my tasks are, I'll get it done. Another positive thing is that there is no real set time that I need to be at work. I only need to get it done and so sometimes I'll even wait an hour before going to work.

Dislikes? The pay, the people that don't go home while I'm cleaning and act like I don't exist. People that walk all over the freshly mopped floor in their muddy shoes forcing me to mop again.

Chances to advance? Not really, but as a student this job suites me just fine.

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infsgt in Cincinnati, Ohio

45 months ago

I agree with Sam. I do part-time janitorial work, and it's a flexible job that pays decent, with unlimited independence. I've yet to meet my immediate supervisor, and have talked with the operations manager twice, since my orientation date. The company ultimately only cares if I'm getting my contracts done in the amount of time allotted; beyond that, I have the freedom to get it done between certain hours at my leisure. Although it can get boring and repetitive, it's pretty easy money.

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Sam in SoCal in San Diego, California

42 months ago

I like my job, to an extent, because there is no one around to look over your shoulder, no supervisors, no one to have to clean around. But I have kids and since my hours start at 2pm till 11pm, this is at a school, I never see my kids, except only on weekends, holidays and days that I come in on early morning days, or if I take my kids to school in the mornings. It can get depressing at times. And no thanks to budget cuts and CALPERS I could end up with 1 hour cut from my 8, or 1 month from 12. But I have an iPod to listen to and it makes things easier. I lost a lot of weight also.

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Grant in Des Moines, Iowa

39 months ago

I am just a part-time janitor. I do like the job and the work and my boss. Given that I only work a few hours a night and the stores I clean are closed at night makes it nice to work alone with my music player. There are times that I don't want to use the floor scrubber, and would actually want to just mop the floor with a mop and bucket. Luckily the second store allows me to do just that. Just sweep, hand mop, and use the buffer and I'm pretty much done, minus double checking for gum and the pesky stickers off the fruits in produce that tend to stick to the floor and an occasional rug to put back.

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