age and legal sec.

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lainey in Parsons, Tennessee

90 months ago

doe age matter when you are just starting out in the legal field...going into new career


80 months ago

Girl #1 graduated from the local community college, girl #2 graduated from local state college, girl #3 graduated from an Ivy League College. Guess which one got the job. The one with the big boobs. Hopes this answers your question.

Lindsey in Fayetteville, North Carolina

79 months ago

So totally true. I have a B.A. in criminal justice and can't find anything.

LadyJustice in San Diego, California

68 months ago

Lindsey in Fayetteville, North Carolina said: So totally true. I have a B.A. in criminal justice and can't find anything.

I graduated with B.A. in Criminal Justice too (last year nonetheless!!) and have yet to find a job that does not involve Immigration Agent or Parole Officer!!

dontwannasay in Vancouver, British Columbia

68 months ago

So I snooped at the receptionist's pay stub, and she's making more than I'm making!! All she does is answer the phone, get the mail and enter timesheets, whereas I'm always busy. Plus she's worked there for six weeks, and I've been there for 2 years.

Has anyone else noticed screwed up stuff like this in their legal secretary careers??

I just need to vent, so frustrated with the place. Ugh.

legal training in Rock Hill, South Carolina

64 months ago

"I was forty-three and on my third career when I was hired into my first law position. I was hired as an entry-level paralegal three and a half months after I graduated from paralegal school."

So do you have anything positive at all? You are the only complainee I have found. Surely it's not all the lawyers? Like maybe your cynical attitude is holding you back? There are jerks in every profession. After all your experience I'd think you would know that. Just a thought

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