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Mike in Anchorage, Alaska

105 months ago

So I've just applied for an entry level cook position at one of the nicer restaurants here in Anchorage, made it through the first interview and now moving on to the second interview. Here's the thing, though, it's a practical interview. I've been asked to come in wearing most of the uniform and they'll lend me a chef's shirt. Has anyone ever heard of or been through a practical interview? What I'm expecting is that they'll see where my skill level, or the lack there of, is. Haha. Any comments, suggestions, and past experiences are appreciated. Thanks.

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joe blow in Fairmont, West Virginia

104 months ago

bring your knifes, fo shizzle

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patrick carter in Lafayette, Louisiana

103 months ago

I have interviewed like this twice. It is nreve racking because all eyes are watching you, everyone is trying to feel you out, they want to see your strengths and weaknesses. See your threshhold. I was asked to come in and work one night to see how I like it. The sous chef asked me to hang with him. Dinner services started and he showed me how to make one of everything and then handed his station over to me right at the peak of service. I faultered at first but quickly got in a groove. It was hard.
Just work like you would any given day, don't brag or lie about things. Act like yourself. It helps to familiarize yourself with the kitchen when you first enter. Learn where things are roughly so you are not that guy who has to be hand held all night. Put in your best effort and don't cut yourself!!!

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