Tips for line cook interviews.

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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming line cook interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

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Sean B in Gatineau, Quebec

86 months ago

Dress for the job - be ready to work ASAP. I typically wear chef pants and a jacket.. ready to work.. always works 100%! And yes - brush your teeth and so on...And if you really want in... start building a photo library of your dishes and categorizes them according.. use a good camera.. not a Polaroid... With Bond paper and a original cover...But don’t go copy and paste dishes from the net.. you will be expected to make them!!

Be natural – out going – energetic. I got a Chef job with just being myself..

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looking for advise- in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

86 months ago

Besides smelling and looking good-I have a few questions:

I am in career transition and and seriously considering the culinary field. I manage a small food service company and have done some catering, etc.

However-I am anxious to break into the restaurant biz.

I had always assumed and noticed that experience is the key, not degree that you have (for line cook, etc). Does a degree or diploma do anything for you?

Is there a certain way to or are there any places anyone knows of in Philly that will take on someone w/o restaurant experience, but has kitchen knowledge and is eager to just learn?

I have put my resume and cover letter out there and have gotten no responses. I would imagine going in person from place to place would produce more results.

If a degree or diploma will help (if nothing else for the internships), what school has a good culinary program in or close to the city?
(I've had a hard time finding rankings and reviews on any culinary programs or school that AREN'T written by the school itself. I have met with some schools, prices ranging, and some seem like they take anyone for money and don't necessarily show top training)

Would appriciate any help at all-

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patrick carter in Lafayette, Louisiana

83 months ago

Be honest, know your limitations and also your strong points. Never lie about what you can't do in order to get the job done because it will quickly show when asked to execute a task and you can't. If you are a neat freak, you will do well. If you are good at organizing your day to day activities, you will be successfull. Speed, skills, and knowledge will come with time if you are first starting out. Don't be intimidated by the seasoned line cooks, be excited that one day you will move like them. Learn with your eyes, ask questions at appropriate times and keep quiet during tense ones.

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61 months ago

i am interested going back to the workforce behind the line is second nature to me as i grew up in the'm professional.i thought myself to wear a chefs jacket etc. so i appreciate the info! years ago it was so much easier to get work with the pay and comradely that came with it.without the culinary degrees and a course in restaurant Spanish my self esteem is low.

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Lorraine B Buckingham in Kingston, Ontario

59 months ago

I havw bene cooking in the food serive field and at home for over 30 years plus doing extra parties and dinners on my own . I also do have a cooks trade paper for the Ontario canada cooks internship progam . Question I am disable I think very minor but it does not show in the food service work o at any work It is bit odd and I have had chefs tell me I do know what I am doing right and can do it safe and helpful and in a very honest way . I am so fussy and do follow the guide lines of the chefs I am under and do extra shifts when they ask and help others as the need comes up

question how do I talk about my minor disaable thing in a honest way and still able to do the work at the jobs in the food service into the interviews in short How I do work it in the interview. These days more people are looking for the same jobs. I have put my self through college and other higher ed schools by cooking and working with others. I have even gone on trips on my own So how do I gently work the disable thing into it I will if any one ask then I will tell

The chefs I work under now did not know and they found out after I prove to them I could do the work and they trust me and my cooking judgements and me being honest I know my limitations and I am very honest. But I want others to look at me and my CV and cover letter and not at my disable minor thing and think less of all the training and jobs in cooking I have done on my own thanks

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Lorraine B Buckingham in Kingston, Ontario

59 months ago

see last question thanks Lorraine B Buckingham

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Lorraine Beth Buckingham in Kingston, Ontario

53 months ago

I am now working some what in the food service(Paying jobs and volunteer work ) and I thinking doing ok. My work reviews are ok. good I am still volunteering in the field for about 16 months and do the work in a safe way.(I did volunteer cooking for three years off and on at Marthas table (I put myself through college and Queens on my own by cooking. no student loans years ago) But I am rather different. I am partly blind, legal blind and do use a blind cane away from work but never and I mean never use it at work or use it as any reason in any kitchens or place of any work to get out of work. It is not in me to use it to get out work I am trained to do in any kitchens, food places. I am very open and some what what funny about it,and doing ok. I do work and have skills in any kitchens that are based in years of feeding others , over 30 years off and on in food places, or in home life and in my cook's internship program history. How can I gently show any new places, bosses, mangers or any one who is doing work interviews that I am skilled and have knowledge and can do the work in a safe way. I am disable and do not show it or act it in many ways and do my best but I will not use it for not doing work for any reasons I am keen to go on and do what I am trained to do My cv is up to date, working part time in the same field for 6 to 7 months now, paying job., and current volunteer work in the same field and I am ready to go for any jobs that might come up and I am willing to work on holidays and at nights or on weekends. I look straight in any face and smile and have well manners and dress for any work, ready to go in my chef jacket and hat or in proper . Interview clothes for any interviews and I have been keen, known to help to teach young people kitchen, plus in using knives in a safe manners, and safe sound methods of cooking and have help teengers or young people find cook cooking clothes for free

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duranlvman in Las Vegas, Nevada

51 months ago

Just a resonse to the person with disabilities.I to am legally blind but only in one eye since I was seven years old.I had some trouble over the years bumping into my shoulder,then I had some issues when I was working in a hotel in las vegas nevada.I was carving prime rib and had trouble carving it due to my vision and my assistant ex. chef shown me a way to improvise and it worked.

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Johna in Cavite, Philippines

44 months ago

i'm a culinary arts graduate, is it fine to wear my chefs jacket and pants when applying for a job?

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bagus in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

43 months ago

i want know variety cutting methods

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inarimi in Raiford, Florida

43 months ago

Hi, I am not new to cooking perse.. i have been a production specialist at krispy kreme which required knowledge of dough and glaze and such.. i also recently lost my job at a deli/bakery where we made some things from scratch and baked premade dough, still had to prep the dough though (topping, etc), decorating cakes, the use of a slicer, etc.. OK so my question is i just got an interview for my dream job... a real cook at this place called osprey village. It is a really upscale retirement community. They said i should wear clothes that i didnt mind to get dirty (but they did not say chef clothes) and shoes (i have my own treadsafes). They said i would be expected to cook and if i didnt have my own knives (which i dont) they would provide them. I am terribly nervous because i know how to cook at home.. times and temps and such. But I have allways had a recipe to follow, does anyone know if they will expect me to just make fancy stuff on the fly or will they just do basic stuff?? I dont know what knives to use to cut what etc, but this is really what i want to do. My resume didnt state i ever cooked but listed my previous exp. in detail. I just dont want to go if they are expecting something i am not. Thanks

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inarimi in High Springs, Florida

43 months ago

uhh thanks but allready had the interview.. had to cook for the chef, mind u i dont have a coat and the other 2 guys did but i still got the job! Never worked on a line b4 but i showed them other guys up.. pays to know the sauces

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