Network Administration Job w/o an IT degree

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TheR in Wyoming, Michigan

76 months ago

I currently have my Bachelor's Degree in a non-computer related field. I am wondering, should I go back to school or would it be a better idea to just earn Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA certifications and job hunt once I earn my certs.

Nisha Dogra in Rancho Cucomonga

76 months ago

My suggestion is just grab the opportunity, start working as a Network Administrator and in the mean time start working towards other certification. It will help you in a many ways...


John in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

76 months ago

I am in a similar situation. I studied fine arts, drawing and painting in School. Worthless, even though i have pretty strong abilities. I took cisco classes in high school however and began reading some on networking recently and have rediscovered an interest in it. Is the CCNA going to make me employable? DO I NEED at least an associates? It seems that having all the specialized knowledge required for a CCNA would make one plenty qualified to do the work as network associate or administrator. ANY advice????

0422nowork in Batavia, New York

76 months ago

Most true Net Admin positions require some sort of certs or equiv hands-on. If you do not have the latter, the former will get you in the door. I was laid off in '08 and in my job searching process, I found that there were several Net Admin positions I could not apply for due to the fact that cert. was a requirement.

John in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

76 months ago

So the certification should definitely get my foot in the door? I don't want to go back to school for two years if its not needed to get me started in the industry. 0422nowork- what sort of education do you have?

Martinez in Bronx, New York

66 months ago

Now yous have to be careful, certs and associates are two different things.

many employers would like college but some employers look for certs.

If you have time and money go to school and get as many certs as possible, it will just boost up your credibility in the field.

Certs can be done in little as 8 weeks, depending on which one.

CCNA is a great cert, but can't forget your fundamentals such as A+.

Samatic in Naples, Florida

54 months ago

If you don't have the money for school and you can't get a loan post adds on craigs list for someone willing to teach you the profession for a fee. Theres a lot of network admins who are always looking for extra cash. The reason being...most our jobs got sent overseas and our pay was drastically cut by all the cost cuttings within a company. There should be someone in your local area who can show you the hands on.

Thats' what I would do then study some dvds from www.trainsignal at home. Take some certs Net + and Security +
oh and know how to build a computer and install operating systems.

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