20 yrs ago i was convicted of a Felony..10yrs ago i got it reduced to a misdemeanor..can i be licensed as a LVN

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dollface in san leandro, California

70 months ago

Hello,in 1989 20 years ago i was convicted of receiving "over payments" while on welfare,it is considered "welfare Fraud"..I was young and didnt really know anything or how to fight the charge so i just plead no contest..I received a conviction of welfare fraud 1989 a felony..10 yrs later in 1999 i was hired for a job that i had to be "bondable" for,so i went back to court and got the conviction reduced to a misdemeanor and got my job back because I was then "bondable"..i want to go to LVN school but will this conviction from 20 years ago stop me from being licensed?? Please reply..I have no idea what to do or who can answer my questions..Can someone please give input,advice,opinion????

jojo in Fullerton, California

70 months ago

If you expunge it you don't have to reveal it unless you work for the government, if it is a private corp it won't show on your DOJ. If they look up your court file for that city it will show it was expunged which in all means you are not guilty. I almost guarantee that you don't have anything to worry about, it was 20 years ago, don't worry, go get your license, you will be fine. If you have been a good citizen for 20 years then they don't stress on 20 years ago. People make mistakes. I know. Don't ever lie to the board of nursing tell them the truth it will take a couple more weeks for your license but you will get it.

sarah in Douglassville, Pennsylvania

68 months ago

You should contact your states licencing board of nursing and ask them outright before paying any money for nursing classes. Many things are handled on a case by case basis.

aaron in Longview, Texas

62 months ago

I have a class b misd dwi and a class c misd paraphernalia charge /convictions

Is it possible for me to get licenssed as a lvn or even a rn later down the road ?

all of my charges are over 2 years old and since then I havnt been in trouble at all / I am a guy but my sister is a RN and makes good money and I would like to give it a shot / but I can not afford to pay for all the classes then be denied a license.

I have no felony convictions / I DONT EVEN HAVE A CLASS A MISD / ONLY A CLASS B AND A CLASS C

suka0420@aol.com in Los Angeles, California

62 months ago

Yes, I agree with JOJO. I am a paralegal and going into the LVN program myself. I have had a few collegues with the same question in regards to misdemeanor and felony charges. IF you have a MISDEMEANOR of any sort-get it expunged. This is what you need to do. Go to your local court house (if the case was civil or criminal go to appropriate court) ask them for an expungement form (sometimes the court clerk will have it as well) it cost $2.50 for the packet. It will have four to five pages. It is really easy to do and you can do it on your own. Once you have completed it take it back to where you got the papers at the courthouse. They will tell you to have it served to four different places-the court, probation office, sheriff, and maybe the citing agency; they will tell you where it needs to be served if not ask them!!! While waiting for your court date, make sure all fines, probation period is over, and dues are paid. The court will ask you if your probation is complete. Now if you are still serving probation or have fines still due, you want to make a separate court date to ask the judge to reduce your probation period and if you can possibly pay your dues by doing community service. If you are low income or no income take proof that you cannot pay i.e., tax forms or ebt card or files. Once you've cleared the probation time and dues, the court date for your expungement should be no problem. Just explain to the judge you are going into the health profession and it is required by social service to have the files expunged. They already know the procedure. Dress nice and have all your court, school, and social service papers with you if they ask for anything you have it there. Judges like organized people.
Now if you have a felony. Social Service has a diff. form for you. Contact Nursing background in Sacramento and social services. Some felony convictions will not be granted LVN certificate. Call CAgov nursing in sac

suka0420@aol.com in Los Angeles, California

62 months ago

Any misdemeanors you have need to be expunged. Even if its more than one place or more than one. Make sure you send this to social service and the LVN licensing agency. If your school is a public school they want all this done, so the program has no issues when you start. If you start the program, make sure you are taking care of this issue. As everything should be cleared before graduating. Please contact your LVN licensing agency to see which felony conviction can not be dismissed. MAKE SURE TO ASK THEM if it can be expunged in anyway because there are some that can be and they will not tell you unless you ask. To be sure, call two or three times on diff. days and make sure they're telling you the same thing. Please be advised the LVN Administrative Hearing Board will take into account the time that has elapsed since your conviction. They are very adamant on honesty, so disclose everything to them. They do consider what you have done to recover yourself and how responsible you are since your conviction. The Administrative Board does not fool around. They are extremely serious and tougher than the court room. Be professional, have all your documents in order, and be ready to tell them why you want a career in the health profession. They are no joke!!! Good luck!

tbaby in Los Angeles, California

61 months ago

Can anyone tell me what a 1203.4 penal code means, I was going through some of my paperwork and found this form from the public defenders office. I also have a certificate of rehabilitation but would like to know what this 1203.4 paperwork means.

Dean Brown in Los Angeles, California

53 months ago

tbaby in Los Angeles, California said: Can anyone tell me what a 1203.4 penal code means, I was going through some of my paperwork and found this form from the public defenders office. I also have a certificate of rehabilitation but would like to know what this 1203.4 paperwork means.

A 1203.4 is an expungement form that is filed in court when
requesting a dismissal of a criminal conviction.

kbvn27 in Menifee, California

49 months ago

dolface to answer you question, yes, you can be licensed as a nurse. The only thing you have to do is have certified court documents of your conviction and declare it on your application to take the boards.

kenishasj@yahoo.com in Waukegan, Illinois

46 months ago

[so I can try and get my charge reduced to a misdemeanor after I have been convicted of that crime? My situation is kinda like yours. I lied on my financial aid forms and was convicted of state benefits fraud. that was 12 years ago and I am trying to get into the medical field but it is for billing and coding. Any help would be appreciated.

jackie in Los Angeles, California

38 months ago

I was getting ready to take my LVN boards this summer, but before that I was taking to prison for 1 day for a felony want to court and bought it down to a misdemeanor,will i still be able to test and get my license, please help?

Alex in Topeka, Kansas

1 month ago

I was convicted of involuntary manslaughter over twenty years ago, what can I do to get employment? and if I decided to go to college what should I pursue that want be held against me?

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