will i get fired?

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imacna in Sacramento, California

61 months ago

our director of nurse called me today regarding about my patient. she asked me if i noticed any sore in my patient and i said yes i did its kinda greenish and then she told me, did i report it? i said no because i thought the person who took care of her before me already reported it.and then i said sorry and she asked me when am i going back to work, and i said on thursday. now im freaking out!i dont know what to do when i get back!will i get fired? or what?i feel like all of them will blame me about it! im so scared. i should have had reported it, but i totally forgot because i have some patients to take care to and then when im done i completely forgot about that patient that is forming some sore in her back.
did anyone here have been into this kind of situation?

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

61 months ago

You're not an RN. Isn't that the RN's job?

Karen Ann in Clinton, Iowa

61 months ago

DEAR ONE, DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN! yOU HAVE TO COVER YOUR OWN BACK, CAUSE NO ONE WILL DO IT FOR YOU!! As soon as you see somthing wrong with the patient, report it IMMEDIATELY!!!

Medryn in Spokane, Washington

61 months ago

You have to get down an organized and sure fire way of record keeping that you can use on the fly. Whether this is a PDA, a notepad, etc, you have to have a place to make notes because when busy or in crisis mode mental notes just won't cut it 100% of the time. Then plan a system that you check and address these notes to ensure everything is done and your covered. Trust me, your comments of "I thought the" and "I completely forgot" simply will not cut it and these habits will ultimately hurt you in the long run. Just take whatever consequences for whats already done professionally and respectfully and change it, thats all you have to do.

Looking for ethical employer in Phoenix, Arizona

61 months ago

So what happened when you returned to work?

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