looking for advice on which schools are worth the $$, difficulty of being accepted, & any advice for loans/scholashiprs

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FSUsenior in Tallahassee, Florida

40 months ago

I decided late into my sophomore year of college that I wanted to get my masters in occupational therapy following graduation. I have taken a few of the pre-reqs already, and I am in some right now. I will finish the last 2 this fall (my senior year. I believe I will have all As & Bs in pre-reqs as well as a 3.6 cumulative college GPA. I am starting to work on observation hours this summer, as well as more this coming fall before applying to schools.

I feel that it is so difficult to be acceped to these programs- am I just worying myself- or should I be scared I will not be competitive enough to get in.

I have a strong passion for helping others and know that I could excel in this field however I feel that I don't have enough extra-curriclar volunteering and work experiences to make me seem like a good applicant.

I live in Florida so it would be ideal for me to go to Florida Gulf Coast however their program seems less than satisfactory and not very well known. Am I wrong? University of St. Augustine would be a great choice but the price compares to that of other schools I'd rather go to out of state such as Medical University of South Carolina.

USC would be a dream to get in, but is it worth the $108k? I believe I would have about $50k paid for during it, but can I really find grants and scholarships as an out of state student?

Should I plan on starting out at approx. $60k? higher? lower?

Thank you fo ANY help or advice you may have! I do not have any family in the health industry or who attended graduate school, so I am LOST! :) Thank you!

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MGgirl in San Francisco, California

40 months ago

Hey there, from what the OT's at my volunteer job here in the bay area have said, USC is a good school, but theory-based and not as centered around the more traditional, practiced-based OT field most of us students imagine. So it depends on what your goals are as you head into OT -- are you hoping to do research or teach or become a practicing OT in a medical setting/school/SNF? One of the OT's went to a $100,000 school in NYC, and cautioned that in the end, the big name schools may not be the best -- as when you get certified as the OT, unless you have a specialty, everyone starts out with approximately the same salary (dependent on the state you practice in) and the ones who go to the more expensive schools are saddled with debt afterward. So it depends -- if you qualify for a lot of financial aid at USC, then maybe would work for you... good luck!

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MG girl in San Francisco, California

40 months ago

oops so sorry -- wrong USC -- but it holds true that not matter which school you go to, you end up with the same degree. sorry about that!

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