Process operations or pipe designer

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Tnb in Richmond, Texas

63 months ago

This question is directed at people with real experience with these 2 careers. I started out as a pipe fitter working in different plants and did that for a few yrs and then I wanted to move up the ladder so to speak. I then started looking into the different directions I could go and the 2 that stood out to me were process technology and pipeing design. Pipe designers make more money per hour than operators do so I decieded to go for that and finished school and landed a job with an engineering company in a refinery and worked there for about 3 yrs as a jr designer. In the mean time I kept taking different industrial classes just to have them. I then stumbled upon a chemical plant that was hiring and applied with a buddy and got offered a job as an operator. I wasn't real happy with my company at the time so I took it. I've now been in training for a few months and I have to say that I am not very impressed by it. I think I left something better. The only thing is that working for a plant, you get better benefits most of the time and more stability because most designers don't work for the plant but for a contractor. But being a designer, you get more per hour after a few yrs and have all the nights at home and all the weekends off mostly. I'm not real sure which direction I should go in because I'm fairly new to both fields. What in your opinion is a better career and if given an equal opportunity and equal start, which is the better field to get into? Any thought from someone that has actually dealt with these jobs would be appreciated.

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IZ in Humble, Texas

52 months ago

Wow I hope u found the answer on which field u wanna continue , I'm 22 years old I been a pipe fitter helper for about 2 years while taking my basics at community college at nights , now I need to decide on what to do the process technology classes for operator or go into pipe design engineering , I kinda wanna do piping design but wonder if its complicated ? Or does it just take time to learn the program cad and drafting and stuff , which i have a bit of experience since I work in the field with the measurements and installing flanges valve basically all that , and also as an operator I would hate the schedule by rotating shifts , what would u recommend me on your experience on both fields ? Which one you prefer ? Or like the most

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