ExxonMobil (August) Aptitude Testing. thoughts/discussion **No Questions/answers**

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CraigSanders in Houston, Texas

26 months ago

I recently took the ExxonMobil aptitude test. I was quite surprised of the difficulty level to allowed time ratio. Now by no means do I consider myself the genius in the room however, I found myself on each test about 5 mins short of completion, which ended with guessing on the last 9 or so questions just to complete each section.

I should add this is my degree plan and about a semester shy of completing.

Before you add the (guess by elimination) technique, trust me, this test is pretty sound and bullet proof from this method. *answers have only menial differences or relevance changes*

Not to get into any detailed info that might be considered swaying the advantages. test questions,etc.

How many others here took the test and was surprised by the time/difficulty?

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xnmmi in Lancaster, California

26 months ago

Didn't take the Exxen test, but the Tesoro test was 5 parts that were all timed - however the only part that required all questions to be answered in the time frame was the last part - mech comp. The other parts were based on the correct number of answers out of the answered ones - those were the ones you did not want to guess at so best to leave them unanswered.

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DBaptiste in Houston, Texas

26 months ago

I also took the exam on August 25th, and I was a little bit taken aback by the time/difficulty as well. However after the first section, somehow I adjusted and I didn't have a time issue after that. If anything, I just focused on what I knew for sure and then the ones I wasn't so sure about, I eliminated the answers that didn't seem logical and the ones that were left over, I essentially went with my "first mind" for the answer. Thankfully, I didn't have to do that for many problems, so I guess the testing experience was okay. But I definitely understand your point about the time/difficulty relationship of the test, it was slightly more difficult than I anticipated. Now here is the weird part, they said we would get the results on the 31st, but I think I received mine today, because under the "job interests" it said I "met minimum requirements for all jobs in which I expressed interest in". But I was under the assumption that it would have just said "pass/fail". I'm wondering if I misunderstood something or if I received my results this soon. Did you receive you results as well?

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19Jenny80 in Houston, Texas

23 months ago

I took the test August 2011, and luckily passed. It was a difficult test, but I did not have any issue with time. I did use a little different approach than most though. Just like any booklet test most of the time the harder and more detailed problems are towards the back, so I worked each section from back to front. Therefore I spent more time on the harder questions and less worry time on the easy ones that I knew the answer too. Maybe try that if you test with anyother company. Hope that helps.

And Good Luck!

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Ajohn in Fort Worth, Texas

22 months ago

Took the exams....easy. All u get is statement informing u whether u met min requirements. Doesn't mean u will get an interview. Tons if people are lined up to get in, so they can afford to be picky. Interview app 150 people for not even 20 positions. Look for 3 interviews for one position. If ur not a vet or operator with exp, u may have to wait.

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