Is There Any Hope for Someone Like Me?

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zeb in Missouri

46 months ago

A little background first: I have some schooling, but didn't finish. I started working years ago as a student and have managed to continue in the field. I am currently licensed in the state of Illinois as a Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP). I have 15 years or so of experience in general therapy, adult critical care, ER/Trauma, long-term vent/trach care, some home care, and some time doing sleep studies about 12 years ago(lately I have been doing some "refreshing" at my hospital's sleep lab.) I have worked at a large teaching hospital, and smaller community hospitals.

I feel like I'm stuck where I'm at and believe it's time for a change. But is there any place for me to go in my situation? I would be willing to relocate just about anywhere, even a place such as Alaska. The job market is saturated here, but I'm sure there are jobs somewhere. But would I be qualified for anything? I'm sure that I'm going to enroll in Independence University (a traditional program is not an option right now) to obtain the education necessary for credentialing, but even if I do, is there any chance for work in another state? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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14 months ago

Not sure. Maybe someone else will have some ideas. I'm sure you're not the only one in this situation.

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