Previous boss may be preventing me from working again.

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RRTgrl in Austin, Texas

25 months ago

I have a question for all the RTs on here who seem to know a lot about the field. I am an RRT with about one year of exp. I started working this time last year and was given an offer at the interview. I accepted and then two weeks later found out I was pregnant. I immediately told my new boss(big mistake)because since we are exposed to chemicals, TB, etc I wanted to be upfront and not hide it and then if something came up then I would have to confess and say "well I am 5 mo along and I've been exposed" type of example. Anyway I ask if it is going to be a problem and she said "no," then I ask how she will handle maternity leave since obviously I would not qualify for FMLA(I was hired as prn). She said we would deal with it when the time came and put me off. I trained for a few weeks and then did not get put on her schedule at my designated facility for 4 weeks later. Then after my first shift she calls me in to say that staff I was working with did not like me and said I acted like I didn't want my job. I couldn't believe this mess..seriously? I told her that I didn't know what that meant but that I would try harder. After the second shift she said her staff complained that I asked too many questions and that I didn't know anything. My mgr made me feel like I could be kicked out the door at anytime. Well over the next 2 1/2 months I worked about 10 shifts and then she took away my shifts and explained some "self term" crap to me. I tried applying to other facilities for hrs since I was prn but she sent a nice email to the other RT mgrs. stating I was not well trained and didn't know what I was doing. I called HR about this matter and they won't return my calls and I applied there again to see if I am re-hireable but they have not routed my apps and its been a month. I have applied in DFW and surrounding but keep getting declined quickly. What is also hard is that my husband was laid off in Jan, we just had new baby and had to move because we can't find jobs.

catfish503 in portland, Oregon

25 months ago

Sounds like hostile work environment...maybe you should talk to a lawyer. It's sad and unfortunate that the employer holds all the cards because of how our economy is. They get away with crap and it's not fair to people that really want to work and keep their job. I'm sorry this is happening to you!

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