Top restaurant worker skills needed to get the job.

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What are the top 3 traits or skills every restaurant worker must have to excel?

Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your restaurant worker expertise?

The Stationary Gnome in Cadiz, Ohio

102 months ago

1. Young - under 30.

2. Attractive - if working for tips.

3. A positive attitude. - Oops, you just spilled soup on my pants and left without leaving a tip; that’s OK, have a nice Day!!!

bo825 in Bullhead City, Arizona

102 months ago

Id like to offer some suggestions. If your in the Restaurant field of employment. It is always about the customer, they pay your wages, plus your tip. If your a people person, like to interact with people, this might be your calling. Think of it as being in business for yourself.If your table likes you, they will become repeat customers, ask for your section when they come in. Get to know them, by name, their childrens names, these people will leave you very good tips, if they see you care about them.. Do this by 50 tables a shift.. you have made some very decent money, be in business for you, sell YOURSELF

A Jones in Brentwood, Tennessee

88 months ago

To excel in any endeavor is to truly enjoy what you’re doing, to be passionate about it. So I believe that would be the first trait... ask yourself "am I passionate about _____?"

Find what you’re passionate about and you will be successful. Service professionals must be passionate about being a servant.
It also helps if you are passionate about food/wine, etc.

Then, enthusiasm is important. When you are excited, you will get others excited. Which means they enjoy the experience, verses just being satisfied with the meal that is served? All this translates into your pocket. $$$

Finally, don't take it too seriously. Have fun, be passionate and when problems arise, resolve the issue, ensure satisfaction and move on to the next great customer experience.

A Jones

Christian Breaux in Florida, Florida

6 months ago

Getting skilled after working in restaurant you will be able to easily crack interviews.

This is the best way to gain skills in this field.

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