Jobs in the field with only a BSW

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Megadell in Woodbridge, Virginia

48 months ago

Hello, I want to go into the field of Social Work, however I'm curious as to the opportunities available for those with only a BSW.

One thing I should point out however is that I'm not looking to work in a hospital. I'm not looking to provide therapy. I want to work with people, and help them with the services they need, however I'm not looking to counsel people with drug use or mental illness and the like.

Working with the homeless, at risk youth, families who need assistance, listening and caring, but not being what almost looks like a psychiatrist.

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thompson in Thunder Bay, Ontario

47 months ago

I just got my BSW, and I sort of new at the beginning that jobs would not be plentiful. I was planning on getting my MSW, but I am putting on the brakes and thinking about getting the Registered practical nurse, which is the same as an LPN in the USA. I find no use of getting an MSW in this environment of cut backs. The government is only going to keep front line workers, why? How else will it pay for all the boomers that will need health care. Besides child welfare and drug treatment centres, social work could disapear. Nursing is front line like police and fire. To go for a MSW and just end up in Child Welfare would be academic suicide. Think before you start a social work degree. Its a disguised psychology degree, good for coffee talk.

What do you think, BSW/LPN or just an MSW??????????????? it makes no sense to go forward in a deadend area with little jobs to bounce around on and little choices. I have talked to many professionals and they said for me to compliment by BSW with an LPN would be the best I can do right now , and it would be more powerful then just a MSW. I would have more transferable skills

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Megadell in Woodbridge, Virginia

47 months ago

Well do you want to actually be a nurse? I'd say that's the most important thing, because while they may have certain job duties that they share, I've seen the coursework that nurses need to take it's it's NOTHING like Social work. Plus the job market is super saturated with nurses. The news said hey Nursing is a good field to go into and everyone and their grandmother, literally decided to become a RN. Plus there's all the nurses like from the Philippines who come for nursing the same way India sends tons of engineers here. I'd say make sure blood and guts are really what you want to deal with first. But I don't even know what kind of social work you want to go into. Like I said, Child Welfare is what i want to go into. I think so at least.

And I actually want to go into Child Welfare, so, if a BSW is good enough for that, it's a win win.

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SW2002 in Curwensville, Pennsylvania

46 months ago

I have had my BSW since 2002.....while I have been able to obtain decent paying jobs in the past, I am currently having a difficult time finding a job that does not require a MSW. As far as I am concerned, an MSW is a waste of time.. Its a lot of money to spend to only make 10,000 more a year. The college I graduated from is highly regarded for their BSW graduates and had been informed by some agencies that a BSW grad from that college was more desired than an MSW. Nursing is and has been slowly taking away the social work positions and its really sad because most of them are not social work material! Good Luck with whatever you decide. I am hoping to work my way out of the field in the next few years.....

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recentbswgrad in Chesapeake, Virginia

29 months ago

I recently graduated with a BASeband I have applied for numerous jobs everywhere even out of town. I don't understand how knowing is hiring, espically with all the current social issues. If anyone know of anyone hiring please help!

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recentbswgrad in Chesapeake, Virginia

29 months ago


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sholescurtis in Belfast, Maine

19 months ago

Couldn't agree with you more. Thinking RN or some other medical degree. BSW is a dead end, low paying and not recognized in many states. Why spend the money for an MSW that gets you no further unless you plan to do therapy.

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