Social work or accounting?

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Maggs in Owings Mills, Maryland

44 months ago

I know this probably sounds like a strange question, considering they are such different fields. But I have my reasons for asking: First of all, I already have a master's in another field and am looking to make a switch...and obviously, if I'm going to get a second master's, it better be my lifelong career! Social work appeals to me a lot because I really do enjoy helping people; I do a lot of volunteering, although I know it's not the same as being a social worker. However, the business field has always appealed to me as well...I was a business minor in college and loved my accounting classes. My main concern is that social work will not pay me enough to take care of all these student loans...I also have seen so many people on here that are unhappy with social work. Is there anyone that IS happy and also makes a decent salary? I hate to be nosy, but if anyone cares to share what their salary is, that would be very helpful. Thanks.

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44 months ago

I studied accounting at Texas Austin and got my CPA. Most accountants like their jobs, but they all aspire to rise up the ranks and get into the more interesting aspects of the job (at least those who have initiative).

The hours can be long in accounting, but the pay and job security for the good ones who are willing to work hard is very good. (it is not 8 * 5 job if you want to succeed.

When I was recruiting (switched to it after being a CFO of a company), we recruited non-profit executives. They make a lot of money, high six figures, but it takes a long time to get there and having an ability to raise money is key.

Pure social work is only for people who would rather give than receive. It is a shame that they need a degree because paying for their loans is a problem.

Most true social workers have a spouse that makes a good living.

already having a masters and college debt will subject you to a lifetime of problems in paying off the debt if you switch to this career without a spouse who can support it. However, if you do have an ability to raise money then they will gladly welcome you.

The Boys and Girls Clubs pay their executive directors pretty well. It takes time to rise up their ranks and you have to be willing to move around to do so.

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shocked in Everett, Washington

44 months ago

That was the worst and most sexist piece of advice I have heard in a very long time!!!!!! There is no such thing as a "true social worker." This isn't 1950. where women have a cute little side job and the real income comes from the man.
Like any job, how much money you earn depends on location. In my state (WA) MSW holderers usually earn anywhere from 40-50,000 a year. Of course, there are many factors, and it always depends (field, organization, credentials, etc).
But, if you're chasing work probably isn't for you. Most clients live in poverty... sometimes less than 10,000 a year at a miminum wage job. You see first hand what greed, corruption, and injustice can do to people.
Ask yourself: What really matters in life? What really makes you happy?
If you have to invest in an education to reach your dreams then no matter how much money you earn, its worth it.

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Maggs in Owings Mills, Maryland

44 months ago

Thank you both for the replies. I'm not sure what Thecareerking meant by "true" social worker...however, I will admit that I probably wouldn't be able to become a social worker without my husband earning a good income (because of all my student loans), and I am fortunate enough that my father is helping to pay the loans on my first master's degree. Even with all that, I still have concerns (I am the type to worry a lot, like what if my husband lost his job, etc.). But ultimately, I think I am leaning toward social work. "Shocked," as you said, I really have to evaluate what matters in life. I was reviewing some of my old accounting books, and although I enjoy solving some of the problems, I don't think it will lead to as much fulfillment as social work would. I haven't made a final decision yet, but that's how it's looking right now. Thanks again.

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44 months ago

You are most welcome.

The world needs more people like you! ;)

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Bluetea in Texas

42 months ago

Maggs in Owings Mills, Maryland said: Just an update...after considering a career switch into either accounting or social work, I have decided not to go with either one of them! I am sticking with my original master's degree in the field of Health Information Systems. I realized there are a lot of things I still like about it, and am going to give a new job a try. It hasn't been very difficult to find jobs in this field, which is also a bonus. Also, considering I don't have much experience, I am happy with my 60k salary. The cost of living is high where we are, plus student loans, planning to have a baby, I just decided that the extra financial security can't hurt. If anyone is looking for a career change, the field of Health Information Management/Systems is something to consider.

One of my old bosses use to say, "You can drive a Ferrari or you can solve the problem of world hunger. Make up your mind". LOL!

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hell0 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan

41 months ago

Stick with Social Work.. they can't outsource that. Dell is outsourcing accountants.. our jobs and HP is moving accounting to India now.

I Highly offshorable
computer programmers and systems analysts;
telemarketers; bookkeeping, accounting, and
auditing clerks
59 8.2

II Offshorable computer software engineers; accountants;
machine operators, team assemblers and
production worker helpers; bill and account
151 20.7

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