Mandl School for allied health in NYC.

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New CST in Bronx, New York

50 months ago

yes don't go there

taylor willies in Ogilvie, Minnesota

50 months ago

well why not??

New CST in Bronx, New York

50 months ago

taylor willies in Ogilvie, Minnesota said: well why not??

1. Their Clinicals are only 3 Months at not reputable hospitals IE;Lincoln Hospital or other city hospitals where the personnel would refuse to teach you.

2. Their OR lab is literally falling apart it looks like everything they have there is from the 70's or 80's they want you to re-use gown and gloves which are one time use only.

3. The wont give you much time to practice.

4.They will rush you thru the program so they can get the next class in

5.Their office staff in the 9th is unprofessional and will disrespect you.

6. And is one of the most expensive programs in the city.

Try a community college, better yet don't choose this field, it is so saturated with new graduates and Hospitals don't hire new Graduates.

They would not help you in getting a job or at least an interview.

Hmmmm in Astoria, New York

47 months ago

Matt in Brooklyn, New York said: Anyone have any information on this school? Accredited or not?

I went to Mandl, and I have to chalk it up to being a HUGE MISTAKE....RUN AWAY...DO NOT WALK.....Go to a regular college, these guys will lie to get you in the door, after that- they don't remember your name. As far as professors, lots of times they don't show up for classes- HORRIBLE. Racism is RAMPANT here. AGAIN,....RUN AWAYYY

Jamie343423 in Plant City, Florida

35 months ago

There are two organizations that accredit surgical technology programs (this is what allows you to take the CST exam offered by the NBSTSA).



You can find a list of every accredited surg tech program in your area but you'll need to search both sites. The ABHES site seemed to have a glitch. When I typed in Surgical Technology I do not get Mandl as a result, however I do when I type in Surgical so I would try just the word surgical in your search on the ABHES website.

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