What is the protocol for updating your teaching certicate?

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Kathleen Lois Wilkinson

93 months ago

I have a Special Education and Art Education Certificate from Tennessee Department of Education. My Certification needs to be updated to seek employment with the local school systems.

Jeff Kennell

81 months ago

In Indiana you must take 6 hrs of computer classes to update you certificate.

minernpe in Binghamton, New York

78 months ago

i live in new york and i want to get my teaching degree online and i have found an online university to get a teaching certificate but i would be licensed in arizona. i was wondering if anyone knows what i would have to do to change the certificate over to be able to teach in new york?

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

78 months ago

A smart idea would be to go to the Department of Education in the state you want to be certified and ask them.

minernpe in Binghamton, New York

78 months ago

i'm having trouble getting a hold of an actual person at the education dept here. and i am trying to figure out if it would be smart to try this all online thing or not i would really like to talk to someone who has got there teaching degree just online.

adge1030 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

73 months ago

I am going to do the same thing and get my Degree on line in early childhood education. All you need to do is make sure that you take all required Praxis Tests for PA and you will have to get the school you are getting the degree from to help you with filling out the paperwork to be submitted to the state. Your program advisor should be able to help you. If you are doing University of Arizona they will definitely help you with the steps you need to apply to the Pa department of Ed

brenda in Indianapolis, Indiana

65 months ago

I am having a hard time finding a Special Ed job in
Severe Disabilities in Indpls In. due to too many years of experience.
Anybody know of any leads outside of the traditional school systems ? suggestions toward leads in related fields?
I'm willing to do private duty work as well.
I have many years of teaching experience with
multiple disabilities/Autism/Severe behavior disorders

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