Ultrasound school help

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kmhbeauty in Murrieta, California

40 months ago

I am trying to decide between two path ways of going to school in the DMS field. Route 1: getting my bachelors in DMS through an non(CAAHEP)accredited school but they do offer a 3 year bachelors program (66,000 to complete and I would still be able to hold a job). According to the ARDMS website you can take your test right after graduation and one test while you are in school. That is my understanding if you have a bachelors in DMS. Route 2: Take a years worth of pre-reqs that I would get at the community college for free(financial aid) and possibly ( 20% chance) get into a CAAHEP accredited program that is very popular and well known where I live. It is only a certificate program and the cost is around 32k. I would have my associates of science and the certificate from the school, and be able to take the test right away since it is accredited. Once in the program through route 2, It would take two years to complete. The main problem I have with route 2 is that it will be very hard to work. It is more hours a week then route 1. My main fear with route 1 is paying the 66k for school and even though its a bachelors, and I can get registered, companies will not like that I came from a school that is not accredited. The one plus about the school is they have 3 branches. One is accredited and the other two or not. The accredited school is so far away, and Im sure, even harder to get into. I know the location I am thinking of is trying to get accredited, but whos to say when that will actually happen. Any suggestions or advice from anyone in the field. What would employers want more? 66k is a huge amount to make a mistake and end up unable to get a job. 32k is still huge but not as big as 66k.

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Mariam in Dearborn, Michigan

39 months ago

really think you should take route two.

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Roger in Oakland, California

39 months ago

Route 2. You will find many techs that make the same as techs that have a bachelor's. Now if you dont mind going into debt with that amount, go ahead.

While a many places might question your training (it seems for profit schools and non accredited programs), if you have an internship at a hospital.. show you are there for business and question, scan...

Start building references though internships and training.

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Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana

36 months ago

This has to be schools...

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