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What are the top 3 traits or skills every unigraphics designer must have to excel?

Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your unigraphics designer expertise?

Doc in Galesburg, North Dakota

94 months ago

Don't create dumb models
master model 1 solid only
assemblie models fully mated.

Linc in Cincinnati, Ohio

67 months ago

I believe that the most importatnt skill that a UG designer must master is sketcher as it applies to concurrent engineering. Never use auto constraint.

Jason Misztal in Spartanburg, South Carolina

64 months ago


I'm a long time UG NX user & Linc from Cinci is right abotu sketcher. If you can master sketcher, you are likely to be able to be profecient with other features within UG. However & perhpas, because I've been using sketcher for a while, I personally don't think sketcher is that hard to use. The objective, just like mating in assemblies is to at least have 3 constraints (there are expections for less).

3 Features to "master"
* Sketcher
* Mating in Assemblies
* Drafting

All this should be designed with Master Model and Design Intent principles in mind.

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