Boom or bust?

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Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing?

Where are the jobs? Which places have the most unigraphics designer opportunities?

Fred in Melbourne, Australia

80 months ago

There isn't any work in Melbourne worth speaking of in the automotive industry anyway, GM just put off about 100 contractors and there will probably be more.

Linc in Cincinnati, Ohio

67 months ago

The primary users of unigraphics are the automotive industry, aerospace and the medical companies. As UG is somewhat expensive per seat, only large companies will be using it.

Jason Misztal in Spartanburg, South Carolina

65 months ago


Since, Siemens took over Unigraphics and now simply calling it, "NX", they no longer seem to be pushing this CAD application. However, they do seem to be pushing their Teamcenter or PDM systems.

The trend now seems to be that some CAD applications that are 1/2 to 3/4 of the cost less than UG are shifting to SolidWorks or other less expensive CAD for small to mid size companies.

Vickie in Indianapolis, Indiana

59 months ago

Seems Siemens have their "hands" in all areas. They are big in the medical field also.

MyCon in Georgia

59 months ago

Hi Group,

Siemens is not much different than GE in that they also have or had their hands in a number of industries or sub-sectors. Now, GE has sold off many of its divisions and contemplating n selling off breaking up others

As of now, GE uses UG NX throughout most of its divisions. However, since UG NX & Teamcenter are associated with Siemens, who also are competitors in a number of the same industries, GE has been seeking ways to phase off its (unofficial) partnership. Currently, GE is phasing out Teamcenter & going to Dassault’s PLM Enovia.

Eventually, once or if they figure how to transfer UG NX CAD legacy files to another CAD application, such as SolidWorks, GE will also phase out NX when they can.

Tamsen in Fishers, Indiana

56 months ago

I am currently looking for a Unigraphics user for the medical device industry. The position is a Tool design position in Northern, IN. I would like to speak with anyone that is interested. You can email me your resume at

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