Need part time welding job or any job in a shop

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Max Cramm in Garden Grove, California

79 months ago

Hi, My name is Max, 18yrs old, and I am looking for a part time job as a welder or any opening job in a fab shop (Preferably trucks or cars but will take anything). I am very proficient at MIG and currently learning TIG. I have over 150 hours of welding training at Lincolin Educational Center.
I am currently in high school so I can go streight to work when it ends at 2:40pm. How ever I am not availible on tues and wed for welding class. I can work any time on weekends also.
I live in Garden Grove, California and would like it to be some what local. 15 miles or less preferibly Depending on the job.
thank you

kenneth in Bismarck, North Dakota

39 months ago

certified in all positions. welded for 30 yrs

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