Welder looking for work in Oshkosh, WI

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Jason_S79 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

70 months ago

I was sent to fox valley tech by my former employer to learn to weld. I've only got a year experience. I was certified to weld stainless, galvanized and mild steel flat, vertical and overhead. I've mainly done mig (gmaw) both standard and pulsed, and a little tig but only for repair of existing welds.

I would be willing to relocate for the right job, and anything I cant do I can learn. I've also got ~5 years experience machining which I assume could come in handy in a fabrication environment.

Also if anyone has any advice on steps to take to improve my profitability as a welder it would be appreciated.

Jason_S79 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

66 months ago

any helpful advice, or anyone know of any good openings in the fox valley area? or anywhere for that matter. I'd be fine with relocating for the right job, thats how I wound up in Wisconsin in the first place.

rtu in Des Plaines, Illinois

65 months ago

Try to learn more processes,Being proficient only in mig might not open doors for you,i dont know your situation but im sure foxvalley tech or nwtc have night classes were you could learn another process.

If looking for fab shop work, experience in fcaw,gtaw,and gmaw will probably be the mininum there looking for(but each shop is different you might find one were gmaw is 99% of what they do)

I saw a post for ValFab in neenah, and if you dont mind production I would imagine Oshkosh truck would be hiring.

Jason_S79 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

65 months ago

Well, I do have experience with cored wire. I've never ran flux without shielding gas though. Either way I haven't found a process that I couldn't pick up quickly, so I don't feel I'd have too hard a time picking up most things. I'd like to get some kind of training on TIG but I worry if I come out of the tech with a certificate that it may ruin my chances of getting government funding should I choose to further my education.

I'm hopeful that with the recent contracts Truck has picked up that there will be more work in the area, and that wages will be helped a bit. According to gov. websites the average pay for a welder in this area is a bit over 18/hr. With the top being 25/hr. I'm not getting close to the average right now, and I'm considering leaving the area to increase my wage.

I'll have to check out ValFab, if the have heat it would be a step up from my current situation...

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