how to be a great writer

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kaycee in Merrimac, Wisconsin

95 months ago

i want be a great writer but i dont have something to inspire to writer and become a better writer,so help???

Joanne rowling in Peterborough, United Kingdom

93 months ago

Hey :-)

I'd suggest drawing out thing's you like, then writing about them. If i had to describe a street i'd first draw it, then decribe it. Always have a dictionary when you read a book and note down word's you don't under stand.

Solaris in Vancouver, Washington

91 months ago

The necessity to write becomes a compulsion. You must write or you can’t sleep. Everywhere you look you see things that are interesting and you want to write them down. You want to write accurate descriptions. You want to make up stories about the things people are doing. You want to play God.

Steve Barnes gives writers what they may need at lifewriting. Com. It is free.
Read some of Steve’s fiction books and decide if you think he is a good teacher for you.

Read some of the best stories that were ever written. Lean what they did.

Know the rules of writing.

I hope this helps.

jim merriott in Salina, Kansas

88 months ago

never quit........

Jim Merriott in Oberlin, Kansas

84 months ago

Keeping the Faith...Christian Writers..if you have questions concerning hints to help your writing get back with me...Jim

From Jim Merriott-Sports Writer/Photogra in Goodland, Kansas

51 months ago


mary in Tampa, Florida

51 months ago

Jim has the concept good. However, you need to keep your thoughts organized. Keep your writing clean, without a lot of garbage words for more content. Good writing should has life to it.

When you write, READ IT. Do you feel the life? Would the reader feel like he is in the story?

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