How to get back at work as a x-ray tech after 8 years

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Terry in Alameda, California

81 months ago

What advice can someone give me on how I get back into the work force as an x-ray tech. left to raise my daughter?

SIckOfiTaLL in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

66 months ago

Preech it brother, Preech. It seems like nobody gives a darn anymore. It pays to do research on these things before you go into them. I'm not even going to get into my situation because its another lost cause with a very dismal ending. All of the acrediting agencies and schools talk about ethics. Huh, if any of these people had ethics they wouldn't let all of these schools pump out billions of graduates each year. I am so sick and tired of hearing that their are "to many applicants for the same job". Someone really oughta do something about this. Good luck with our new president because I really doubt he gives a rats you know what.

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