Northern California X-ray schools: Will they consider me without a GPA even though I technically have a B.S.?

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futureradtechnologist in Sacramento, California

57 months ago

Hi everyone here at Indeed.

I have a dilemma here and that dilemma is the fact that I do not have a cumulative undergraduate/university GPA due to how the school system was structured at the time. Now that I look back it was a stupid idea to have graduated thinking that I did not need a GPA. I guess I didn't aspire to want to further my education since I figured I was just going to join the rat race and move on up.

So the school I went to is UC Santa Cruz and since most of the classes I took I chose pass/no pass instead of letter grades the system (at the time) automatically does not give you a GPA since they cannot numerically convert the P/NP into letter grades. My transcript from UCSC would simply have comments by professors in place and of course whether I passed or not. Overall, I think I am around a 2.5 but that's just me figuring out a rough number. Now I am trying to turn a new leaf or chapter in my life by looking into an allied health program such as radiography but unsure if I even have a safe chance since all of the programs here (7 or so schools including Kaiser, Foothill, Canada, Merritt, City College SF, Gurnick, and more) require a minimum GPA of 2.5.

I was told that I might still be able to apply but that I won't get points for the GPA category since I have no GPA. It is my understanding that applicants are scored by a point system and every category you get a point whether it be a fraction or whatever. Anyone with experience in my situation PLEASE CHIME IN!

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