What are typical xcelsius consultant salaries?

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Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field?

What skills should you learn to increase your salary?

Kalyan Verma in Atlanta, Georgia

93 months ago

This is a Common question about any Job. You cannot have a single set salary for any job, because it depends on the location, however we can have a Range. The Salary range for a Crystal Xcelsius Consultant ranges from USD 55-75 per hour if you do Contracting and around USD 75K-95K if you do Fulltime.

Kalyan Verma in Atlanta, Georgia

93 months ago

M.Khan in Upland, California

88 months ago

Thank you, This is more than enough to know and Learn Xcelsius.

Baski in Europe

69 months ago

Can anyone update the syllabus of Xcelsius.


Todd Greenwood in Milton, Massachusetts

64 months ago

Hi Baski,

If you are still looking for an Xcelsius dashboard training syllabus, here is one for you (see below) Also, if you are looking for group Xcelsius training, or customized on site corporate training - you can contact garyb@datasensesolutions.com (www.datasensesolutions.com)

Todd Greenwood (toddgreenwood@comcast.net)

Course version: BOX310
Duration: 3 days Level: Basic Processes & Foundation
Delivery Type: Instructor-led Classroom
Course Based on Software Release: 2008
• While not required for this course, experience with these products or technologies will be helpful:
Microsoft Excel
• The course is intended for inexperienced BusinessObjects Xcelsius Enterprise 2008 users who need to acquire proficiency with building
interactive visualizations based on Microsoft Excel workbooks.
• Users of Xcelsius Present 2008, Xcelsius Engage 2008, and Xcelsius Engage - Server 2008 may find this course useful, but should first
consider a course intended for their specific software.
• This three-day instructor-led course is designed to provide you with an understanding of how to create interactive visualizations based on
Microsoft Excel workbooks using BusinessObjects™ Xcelsius Enterprise 2008.
• A series of interactive content, demonstrations, examples and review quizzes will help you better understand how to use Xcelsius.
• The business benefit of this course is that users with data in Microsoft Excel workbooks will be able to quickly create visualizations and
dashboards with minimal effort.
• Creating a Model
o Producing interactive visualizations of your data
o Getting around in Xcelsius
o Working with your Excel workbook
o Visualizing data with charts
o Using Xcelsius Components
o Distributing your Xcelsius Visualization
o Applying best practices for designing models
• Formatting a Model
o Applying formatting options

Todd Greenwood in Milton, Massachusetts

64 months ago

some of the previous comment was left out; Here is there rest of the syllabus:

Formatting a Model
o Applying formatting options
o Using themes and templates to apply formatting
• Adding Interactivity to a Model
o Using selectors
o Adding dynamic visibility
o Troubleshooting
• Creating a Connected Model
o Using live data sources
o Connecting to XML Data
o Connecting to data using an existing Web Service
o Connecting to Crystal Reports data
o Connecting to BusinessObjects Universes using Query as a Web Service
o Using Live Office data
o Using other connectivity components

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