*URGENT* Moving to Albuquerque, need advice

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RajiNM in Unknown, Florida

89 months ago


I am moving to Albuquerque from out of state to live with my fiance in an apartment while I wait to gain residency and go to school with her. We need to find a job in which we both can work the same hours/shift (this is the most vital part of this move)...anyone have any recommendations/advice? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Dave in Seattle, Washington

82 months ago

Good luck in ABQ! I just moved from ABQ a few months ago. The biggest company there is Verizon. C.O.'s at MDC (Bernalillo County) are always hiring but the facility is poorly run and I would not recommend anyone to work there. The cost of living there is cheap but so are the wages.

Bridgett in Houston, Texas

80 months ago

hi im moving to alberqueque and i was wondering about the salon market or interior design market any leads.........looking to come in in early nov to scout out the territory what would be a great place to start out with children....thanks

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